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Happy Halloween Yall!

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!" Dexter Kozen

Repost: Unattended Candy

Cause dudes can be crafty too, you know... From Dude Craft: I am entirely delighted to close out the Halloween Stories series with the extremely talented and ever generous Cathe Holden from Just Something I Made . In keeping with the style of her own blog, Cathe has included a super-cool, free piece of art for you to copy and use for your own trick-or-treaters. Here is her story: Cathe Holden from Just Something I Made . In keeping with the style of her own blog, Cathe has included a super-cool, free piece of art for you to copy and use for your own trick-or-treaters. Here is her story: Although we live in a sleepy country neighborhood, our children love working our area for treats rather than driving to town for more action. Sympathetic to the great effort the kids must go to for their loot, walking from acre parcel to acre parcel- down long and sometimes dark & creepy driveways, our neighbors treat the kids with full size candy bars, loot bags and one gentleman even brings o


I passed an old pizza place my college boyfriend and I used to go at least once a week this weekend. It's been thirteen years, but my mind reached far back and I could see the two of us sitting there in the front booth, eating a large cheese pizza in front of the big-screen TV, watching ESPN. Then I felt sad just for a bit because of the way it all turned out. I think it's ok to mourn the death of what we had and and in no way is it a reflection of the feelings I have now for my husband. I was crushed - devastated (I'm talking Bella in New Moon) when he broke it off after three years. He was my first love and I guess it's true you always keep a little tiny place in your mind for these memories. But I know now it was for the best. I spent my senior year single and found my forever best friend, got a tattoo (with said best friend) and partied a bit (sorry mom) with that same best friend. (That same best friend that's headed to LA with me in less than two weeks!!!

One-On-One Time

I worked from home yesterday because of a grumbly in my tumbly and hubs came home around noon because he didn't have any lessons. The little man was at preschool and we were both sitting downstairs watching TV and the house seemed so quiet. Hubs gets up at 5:30 every morning and basically goes to bed when the little guy does, so we don't get a lot of one-on-one time. We have to plan dates and focus on spending quality time together - and sometimes it will be months before we get away together for a couple of hours. I always look forward to our dates and we have a great time, but we still rush back home and through the door to see our little man. Today, he said, "It seems so weird being in the house and him not being here, you know?" I said, "Yep, but at the same time, it's nice to have some us time, you know?" Then I crawled into his lap and we snuggled and watched Law and Order together. It was good one-on-one time, you know?

Bloggers for Boxes: Operation Christmas Child

It is the world's largest Christmas project. At church this past Sunday, our theme was Operation Christmas Child . If you're not already familiar with the program, Operation Christmas Child began in the United States in 1993 with 28,000 shoe box gifts. Since that time, the kids-helping-kids project has collected more than 69 million shoe box gifts and hand-delivered them to needy children in 145 countries. I sat down with my little guy after church, told him about the boxes and about little boys and girls that don't get anything for Christmas and asked him if he'd like to help me fill a box for a little boy or girl to make them smile on Christmas morning. With a big smile, he said yes! That made me want to continue to spread the word about this program. We watched a video at church about the program and they had "Bikers for Boxes" and I thought, hey, why not have " Bloggers for Boxes"? I ask that you repost this on your site, or include the B

Spooktacular Weekend!

We finished decorating the house this weekend, finally visited the pumpkin patch and carved a cool jack-o-lantern mansion inspired by one in Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine. I did a similar thing with my mantel last year, but with a couple of little touches from the dollar store (glitter skull and spooky menu) and things around the house (small chest, old family pics, old golf trophy, silver teapot), my pumpkin people from HomeGoods (they have the best and cheapest Halloween decor) and some sticks from the yard - plus my little Happy Halloween hanging banner from last year - and we have our spooky setting, ready for trick-or-treaters!

Giveaway: 10 readers will get $50 off $100

I'm hosting a quick giveaway for 10 $50 off of $100 coupons (they are electronic coupons in PDF format. So all you will have to do is click and print)! The coupons are good from October 23-29 nd , so this contest begins today and ends at 5:00 EST! All you have to do is leave a comment and I'll use the random number generator to pick 10 lucky winners! If you haven't checked it out yet, Old Navy has a great new online site that resets every week and you have to "find" the coupons on the site by moving and clicking different items. I've found a 20% off coupon twice in the last month and I've been able to pick up lots of great items for my son and myself! I even bought hubs a Steelers t-shirt there that he loved! Here are a couple of things I'm currently loving at Old Navy: Each week, they have a special "item of the week". This week's special: This week, find that something special for you – or a frien

Chocolate Bacon and Chickens

Where else would you find both chocolate-dipped bacon and chickens but the good old state fair? Yes, some people turn their nose up at this annual event, but I've gone to the fair just about every year since I was born, and I intend to pass the fall ritual on to my little man as well. Hubs has the same opinions about the fair - yes it's dirty, expensive and crowded - but each year, when it gets a bit chilly outside and the leaves begin to fall, we look at each other, with a grin on our face and say, "the fair's coming soon!" Sunday was our big day and it was a bit chilly and there were some sprinkles forecasted, but that just made the crowds a bit lighter. After paying $10 to park, we flashed our tickets I'd purchased online (yes, this fair is hip with the times) and let the smells of fried twinkies and buttered corn lead us through the maze of rides and games. About 150 bucks later, we had lunch, several stuffed toys, a blow-up sword and no goldfish. My

Shopping Warm-Up

You've got 62 days until Christmas. That may sound like a lot, but you and I both know how fast those days fly by. So, it's time to start warming up your shopping wits and thinking of spending on others for a change (put down the J. Crew catalogue ). Have no fear, I'm giving you a head start with some fun items I've come across in magazines and online - and almost all are currently offering discounts! (and no one has paid me to endorse these or any of that stuff, by the way.) For the Hostess: These wonderful melamine monogrammed trays from Fontaine Maury . For a 15% discount, Enter code REALSIMPLE 2009 at checkout. For the mom : this great Kiehls gift set which includes: Creme de Corps 8.4 fl. oz Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream - 6.8 fl. oz Complimentary Ultra Facial Moisturizer Deluxe Sample Enter code REALSIMPLE at checkout for a 15% discount. For the tweenager : My First Makeup Kit Deluxe Sampler ($89 Value) What it is:A start-up kit th

All You Need is Love

There's a new commercial out, with the famous Beatles' song "All You Need is Love" as the theme music. The little guy heard it the other day, looked at me, and said, "Mommie, that's not true. All you don't need is love. You need clothes, and food, and toys and a whole lot of other things, right mommie?" I said, "You're right honey, but love does go a long way!" PS: Check out this great art (right) from Etsy I found!

Another Crazy Puppy Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on the crazy puppy, so thought it was about time to journal our latest events in puppy parenting. Lucy will be two in December, and we are starting to see small (minuscule, tiny) traces of maturity in her . She is still peeing in her room, so the dog trainer said to keep her in her crate when we're not there. She actually used to hate this thing, but now she goes into it very easily and seems to not mind. She and the little guy are also getting closer, we'll find them cuddling together now and then. He talks to her in this cute little baby voice that makes me smile. I officially ripped up the carpet in her room one night a couple of weeks ago, in a fit of rage. I just couldn't take one more evening of steam-cleaning carpets with little success. I've gotten quotes for hardwoods, but still waiting on little-miss-hyper to calm down a bit so she won't rip the floors open with her claws. I've decided to convert this

Cancer Really Does Suck...

...but it sucks even more when it hits a child. These are words from my best friend, in reference to yet another child that is fighting cancer. This is the son of a very close friend of hers, so please pray. You can cheer them along here:

Comfort Food & The Good Life

The latest issue of House Beautiful features the first cookbook from Blackberry Farms , and the recipes look wonderful. The cookbook is available starting 20 October and would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for the aspiring chef in your life! I can't wait to pick up a copy so I can try several of the recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. The author of the book, Sam Beall, who was raised on the farm, is actually going to be taping the Martha Stewart Show on 23 October, so be sure to catch that as well! (Image from ) Blackberry Farms is located in Tennessee and is considered one of America's best small luxury hotels. It combines southern sophistication and country charm into one beautiful package of rolling hills. Although I've never actually visited, it certainly will make the 10th wedding anniversary list. About the Cookbook: Recipes for the Good Life. Blackberry Farm's premier farm-to-table restaurant blends traditional Appalach

Gone Fishing

I was supposed to be the boy in our family - everyone had predicted it as so - but out I popped, a frilly pink girl. My dad decided he'd teach me things that he'd teach a son if he had one, so I learned how to hit a golf ball, played t-ball (albeit, not very good) and I learned how to fish. We used to spend hours at the ponds on my grandparent's farms fishing. When I'd get bored, I'd chase tiny frogs, catch crickets or pick daises to take home to my mom. My mother actually said that sometimes my dad would have to sneak out on Saturday mornings to go fishing without me knowing (so he could actually catch something without a little kid talking the whole time and scaring the fish away). Most of the time, I'm a girly girl , but I still love to fish. My nephew asked for a new rod and reel for his birthday this year from my dad, so after we blew out the candles, we all went down to the pond and fished a little. My nephew said, "How you gonna get a fish off your


We had homecoming at my childhood church this past Sunday and I always look forward to that day each year. I always get to see a lot of old friends and get to meet new little ones. But what happens when you ask a bunch of southern ladies to bring a covered dish for lunch after church homecoming services? A lot of butter, carbs, sugar and fried stuff - it's great. If you've never been to a southern church covered dish affair, you're missing out. Here are some of the typical dishes you'll find: And then there's the infamous dessert table. My little guy wanted to start here first. And so, I shall be working out twice as much this week...

UNC Football (VIP Style)

My company sponsored the football game Saturday in Chapel Hill and I manage our sponsorship, so I get a few perks now and then. Along with some great BBQ and hushpuppies, we also received VIP tickets to sit in one of the suites to watch the game. We were actually sitting right behind Woody Durham (The Voice of the Tar Heels) and the whole on-air team for the Tar Heel Sports Network. Some highlights from the day: I asked the guys at Tar Heel Sports if they could find something special for my little guy and they gave him an official UNC Nike jersey in his size. He was truly in heaven. Hubs sported a UNC hat the entire afternoon and even said he was impressed with how nice every was and how everything was so organized and well-run (vs. the typical Duke events he's been accustomed too - how can you even compare????) Coach Roy Williams came up to my little guy and said "Hey Bigman" and then shook his hand. I didn't have my camera out and it all happened so fast. My l

True Blood

(No, this isn't about Edward Cullen, Sookie Stackhouse or the Vampire Diaries.) I'm giving blood today at work and just thought I'd take a quick chance to remind others out there to do it too. It's pretty painless and they give you lots of great snacks and goodies afterwards. According to the American Red Cross website: Currently only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood. 5 million people who receive blood transfusions every year, your donation can make the difference between life and death. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood You will weigh less — one pint less when you leave than when you came in. (YES!!!) Nobody can ask you to do any heavy lifting as long as you have the bandage on. (Yippee - no laundry tonight!) You will be someone's hero — you may give a newborn, a child, a mother or a father, a brother, or a sister another chance at life. In fact, you may help save up to three lives with just one donation. So, thin

Nie Nie on Oprah

I can't wait to watch my DVR tonight of Stephanie on Oprah! If you didn't record it, or don't get to see it, you can see some great snippets from it on Oprah. Stephanie is such an inspiration and the love in that family is amazing. Also, if you don't read cjane's blog , you should (this is Stephanie's sister) and Courtnery also has a blog called "C Jane, Where did you Get?" that shows her resources for some of her cool clothes, housewares and services. Photo source:

Fall Television: Who Goes and Who Stays?

We are now about a month into the new fall lineup for television, and I've already got one or two new faves, but there certainly seems to be a lot of "who in the world ever thought this show would make it" out there as well. I've actually watched The Good Wife three times, and I'm rooting for Julianna Margulies to kick that little twerp's butt she is working with. I also can't stand the fact that Mr. Big is a bad guy in this show, but I'm into it nonetheless. On a similar note, last night my little guy said to me, " mommie , is that dancing show on tonight, not the stars one, but the one with Kat - the so you can dance one?" He loves some Kat. He has actually gotten to the point he can tell who is going to get a ticket and who will go to choreography. Hey, I'm raising a well-rounded child. Here's a list of all of the new shows. I will have to say I've only caught a couple of them. Love GLEE, tired of the hospital dramas (yo

To My Mom, Just Because

My first and forever friend. My glue that keeps me together when I'm falling apart. Oh yeah, I love you too sis, although you hated me when I was born. (BTW - that's me on the left, I've switched to my official fall hair color)

Thirteen Years Old

My nephew turned 13 last week. I cannot believe I am an aunt to a 13-year old. I used to be the cool aunt, but lately I've not been making the cut. I've not been able to even get that grumpy, hormone-driven, crackling-voiced young man to even crack a smile. When I found out he wanted a Super Mario cake for his birthday, I decided it was time to show him how cool his aunt could be. So the little guy and I colored fondant all week (we both had red food-colored hands for three days), researched Mario cakes online and came up with this. I finally got a hug yesterday, and a bit of a smile as well.

About Me

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"   I'm a mother and wife, whether I'm at home or not. I love my job and my career because I get to be creative every day and I get to travel just enough. I'm a Tarheel , a Christian, a Southerner, a Pink Pacer , a marketer and a jack-of-all-trades. My hobbies are many, my friendships are abundant, my family is everything and my son is the light of my life. I live in North Carolina and love the south. I decided to call this blog "A Southern Accent" because I do get so many comments on my accent (always from people that aren't from around these parts) and because not until I grew up and interacted with people from other areas of the country and world did I realize how different things are here in the south. For example, some people have never tasted grits and have never had fried okra. Don't even get me started on sweet tea. For me, the sout

How Do I Love Thee?

This weekend is the big member-guest golf tournament at my husband's golf course and being the head teaching pro, he has to be there like every second. He also has to wear a dress shirt and tie every day vs. the typical golf uniform of a collared polo shirt. He had to be at work this morning at 6:00 am and at about 5:30, I hear him grunting and groaning and mumbling under his breath. Mind you, I don't typically move from my bed until AT LEAST 7:00 am, but being the loving and observant wife I am, I knew exactly what was going on: he was trying to iron a shirt. My husband can do a lot of things, but ironing is something he has never had and will never have the patience to learn. I could have ignored him, acted like I was still asleep. But then I would worry about him going to work with a half-ironed shirt. So, I dragged my butt out of bed, walked over to him and took the iron out of his hand, no words, and he just smiled at me and said "thank you." That, my friend

At the Zoo

I was totally going to do a post today about some really cool pics I recently took at the zoo, but of course, John and Sherry over at Young House Love totally beat me to the idea. You should check out their post on some great pics they recently took at the state fair . ...but not before you check out these cool pics I snapped at the zoo last weekend. And if you want a high-res file of any of these, just e-mail me and I'll gladly send it to you! Here's a street access cover to the water line - as everyone in my family's first and last name starts with the letter W, I thought it perfect for framing. I took this picture because I loved the contrast of the green and the purple and didn't even notice the heart shadow until after I downloaded it to my computer. Just a really cool flower... And my personal favorite, that I just had to include....