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The Fabulousness that is Fearrington

Fearrington Village is this wonderful 1700s farm that has been turned into a magical place, with fine dining, a bed & breakfast and great shops. It’s also a popular destination for weddings and provides a gorgeous rustic backdrop with beautiful flowers and a huge white barn with twinkling lights everywhere. Fearrington hosts a big pumpkin fest each year and while my little man was listening to spooky stories in McIntyre’s bookstore, I took some pics of the wonderful cookbook display to share. I thought it would be neat to look up the titles on to see more about the books! Fearrington is know for its black and white beltie “Oreo” cows. You can buy just about anything in the nearby shops and online with the famous Fearrington cow on it. Fun stuff!

Little Vampire

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. Macbeth (4.1.45-6), Second Witch

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song? From

My Forecast: Morning Showers

( ShowerScape from Flickr ) I really do my best planning & thinking in the shower. Here’s what was on my mind this morning… Morning prayer, best way to start the day Check list of all Halloween costume ensemble for little man (he has decided to switch from Spiderman, to The Hulk and finally to a vampire because that’s what his cousin is going to be). I’ve been scrambling all week to find items to make a cool vampire without the cheese factor. Mental review of all current clean, ironed and not still packed up for the winter clothes to put together today’s outfit. Final decision, grey cashmere shell and sweater, Gap khakis and black Danskos. I love being able to dress comfy every day at work. Review of weekend schedule to ensure I remember where to be when: Halloween get together at our house Friday night, Trick-or-Treating on Club Blvd. (they are expecting 600 kids), soccer game, off to the parents, grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration, tickets on the glass to the Carolina Hur

Vinyl Is Cool Again

I've been meaning to post about the cool vinyl wall decals I've seen on Etsy , and Nina Knows Best's recent post reminded me of these cool decor options. You can find something for every room in your house (demonstrated by the toilet adornment below) and they are removable and reusable, so you can also use them for seasonal decor! Just do a search on Etsy for wall decal, and you'll find some great, customizable pieces, like these.

Comment for a Cause

OK Ladies, I'm gonna say it - I'm disappointed. I thought I would certainly have 100 comments on my 100 th post to contribute $100 to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer , but alas, we are nowhere close. Just because I'm not giving away fun jewelry or monogrammed gifts doesn't mean we shouldn't be just as excited!! You see that pink banner to the left? Not one person has posted that on their blog yet. It's surprising how quick the free gifts catch on when we have the chance to win something, but when we have the chance to give something, not so much excitement there. There, I said it. Oh, and I've committed to doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in DC May 2-3, 2009. You'll be hearing about all of the training for the 39 mile walk. I've been inspired by my friend Katy who has participated in the walk two times, has crewed once and is walking in the DC walk as well. Walk on!

Stolen Style from the Target Aisle: Dansko Leopard Clogs

I was in Target Friday and this lady was behind me wearing these wonderful leopard-print Dansko clogs. They were so great I had to tell her how much I liked them. I thought about these shoes all weekend and how great they would be with almost every outfit I put on. So, of course, I ordered them. I found them at Nordstrom , which currently has free shipping for shoes! They will be here tomorrow! I can totally justify this expense cause my current Dansko clogs are like 6 years old and that's about $20/year average - you can't find shoes for that! And Danskos are the most comfortable shoes in the entire world! Thanks Target lady for the fashion find!

Something Fresh for Dinner

Check out the great dishware online from Rosanna, Inc . She has some fun designs and reasonable prices if you're looking for a great housewarming, birthday, Christmas or just-for-me gift! I love the colors and originality of these:

Being a Kid Again

We took little man to the fair yesterday and we had a blast. I've always loved the fair and have great childhood memories of my whole family piling in the car and heading to the fair. We'd see just about every exhibit there (my mom is a teacher, and teaching never ends) and ride as many rides as my dad would pay for and we'd graze along the way on everything fried we could find. Going with kids brings back those memories. I got to ride the rides with my son and sneak some of his cotton candy. We played games with the goal of winning a $3.00 toy which ultimately became a $12.00 toy, but I'd do anything to see that smile. When we first walked in, I said we needed to get some lunch and he immediatly said he wanted corn - he'd seen someone walking around with it - you can see the kid knows what he likes! This morning he wanted to go back to the fair and I told him it was all gone and was moving to the next town. He said, "How do they move that big alligator?"

Shameless Plug

Happy Monday! As you can see, I've updated my blog a bit, including my header, which I've had some people ask if I created myself and yes I did ! I actually have a small freelance marketing and design business on the side, so if you have any needs let me know! Here are a couple of samples of my work. I can do custom logos, invitations, web design, ad layout, brochures, etc. so feel free to contact me if you're interested in having some "work done".

Election, Hollywood-Style

AOL is featuring an online gallery created showing actors that should play the parts of the politicians in the election. I totally agree with the Obama family selection, but don't see the McCain match-up. Check the other images out here . All I know is if I get ONE MORE message on my machine with some politician asking me to vote for them, I just might cancel my LAN line!

I Feel Like A New Outfit Or Two...

Let's go fantasy shopping online! For today's Friday Fantasy Shopping Cart, we're headed to Anthropologie to pick up a couple of cute new outfits for the fall/winter...Here's the first outfit, with the focal piece of this cute doggie sweater : Now, for something a little dressier, but still comfortable. This outfit is topped off with cool purple t-straps ! Now I feel better after getting that out of my system!

Struggling With Three Columns

Ok, I've been trying to catch up with the rest of the world and convert my blog to a three-column layout, and I successfully created the three columns, but my right column is floating at the bottom of the! Can someone send me directions????

Give-To Update!

Hey everyone - just wanted to remind everyone to comment on my 100th post and also publicize this on your own blog so I can get 100 posts! I know everyone loves to get presents, but let's gift to something larger this time. Right now we are up to $9.00, but have so far to go! A reminder: For every person that leaves a comment on my 100th post , I'll contribute one dollar to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, up to $100 . That's a dollar for each individual, not each post, so don't go crazy and post like 100 posts on my blog...hee hee hee... Update: If I get up to 150 different individuals posting, I'll donate $25 more!!!!

My 100th Post - And A Give-To!

This is officially my 100th post and I'd like to thank everyone that reads my blog. It's been so much fun learning all about the blogosphere and meeting you guys online. I think it would just be so awesome if we could all get together in person one day! In honor on my 100th post, instead of hosting a giveaway, I'd like to host a give-to! What's that, you say? I know everyone loves getting presents, but I thought I'd try something a little different. For every person that leaves a comment on this post, I'll contribute a dollar to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, up to $100. That's a dollar for each individual, not each post, so don't go crazy and post like 100 posts on my blog...hee hee hee... Here's to lots more fun - and remember to feel your boobies!

Curse of the Blackberry Pearl

Ok, I'm going to make some people mad here, but I need to get this off my chest. Why do stay-at-home-moms need a Blackberry? I mean, are kids social calendars so jam packed that you need to be in touch every second of every day? Do you need to be able to e-mail the PTA in case you get a great idea for a school fundraiser? I know, that's mean, sounds bitchy, but I just don't get it. Maybe someone reading this blog can clarify the need here and I will totally say, scuse me once I understand. I personally would love to have a Blackberry, so maybe I'm just jealous. I think I would totally be addicted to it and would absolutely have to check it every time it dings. I mean, I have a full-time job, a kid, a freelance marketing and design business on the side and my blog - if I can do it without a Blackberry, others can too. Just saying. I am just so tired of people checking their Blackberry in my presence. When you're with me, with your kid, with whatever, be there - be p


I've been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers , Blue-Eyed Bride! Thanks so much for the tag, I really appreciate each and every one of you that read my blog. Really makes me feel loved! I feel like I have a whole new group of friends online! Blue-Eye and I have even linked via Facebook , so if you're interested in linking with me (some may not and I understand the desire to stay anonymous), but leave me your e-mail and I'll tell you my Facebook name and maybe we can even create a Facebook blogger group! Here's the tag survey: Top four wishes: - To always be happy - To have a healthy family - To develop a love for exercise - To be absolutely debt-free, including house, car, etc. Four places I want to travel: - Tuscany - Greece - Ireland - Scotland Four careers I want to be involved: - Love my job, so marketing for sure - Florist - Wedding planner - Owner of own agency Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven: - Welcome home! - Your family

Trying Not to Be a Hater...

But...hate her!!!!! Look at those abs - maybe she's really airbrushed...How do you look like this after three kids?

It's A Dirty Job

Maybe it's because I like getting grossed-out every once in a while, maybe it's because I love Mike Rowe (I think he's a hottie), but I love to watch the show Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel . I know it sounds so non-preppy or feminine of me, but it's actually a pretty funny show, if you like laughing at someone who's usually covered in poo or garbage. Mike is so funny and those blue eyes are dreamy. He has the funniest way of describing the situations he's in.I wonder if he comes up with this stuff, or someone writes it for him, because it's great. Also, loving their current ad campaign to promote the new Fall season. Kinda reminds me of my toddler when he first started feeding himself.

Morning Banana

Have you heard about the latest diet craze? I think this is one I may just be able to try - but kinda doesn't work if you don't like bananas. This diet is so popular in Japan right now, you can barely find a banana in the grocery store. Here's how the morning banana diet works: 1. Eat a banana and glass of water for breakfast 2. Eat anything you like for lunch or dinner, as long as it's before 8 p.m. 3. A three o'clock snack is recommended 4. No desserts after meals 5. Go to bed before midnight The banana diet was designed by a Japanese pharmacist named Sumiko Watanabe. She claims the secret to her diet is increased metabolism. Her husband was overweight so Watanabe came up with a diet plan for him. Watanabe subsequently lost 37 pounds. There are more details here . Try it and lemme know if it works. I'm gonna try it too, just gotta get to the store to buy some bananas.

Busy Days Equal Early Bedtimes

Today was a busy day and initially started with the possibility of no plans because of rain, and ended up being jam packed with activities. The house needed a major wipe -down, so my little man and I vacuumed and cleaned, etc., etc. He loves to clean and I totally use that to my advantage. Then my mom decided to come over and we headed to the mall and I managed to not buy a single thing, although I tried on the Cutest orange cord jacket at Belks that was ON SALE! But I'm trying to be better... Then the soccer game I thought would be cancelled because of rain was still on and my little guy played with two of the little girls that are on his team. They played ring around the rosie while he tried to beat Beckham Jr., to no avail. At least he's remembering to say, "oh pooie ", like I taught him instead of flailing on the ground crying when the other team scores. Then, our neighborhood had their annual chili cook-off, with face painting, tattoos, a fire truck, balloo

Gifting Barnes & Noble Style

I was recently in Barnes & Noble and I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts for my family (yes I've already started). I got to thinking, I could probably do just about all of my Christmas shopping at this store. I love books and I've recently started working out at lunch while reading and it's really helped pass the time (that's part of how I completed the whole Twilight series so fast). Here are a couple of gift ideas I came across I thought I'd share: My grandfather (jack-of-all trades): Alex Beard: Impossible Puzzles My mother (loves the Lord, loves life): A Beautiful New Study Bible My 16-year-old neice (self-explanatory): The Twilight Saga Collection My sister (busy, but great mom): I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids My 6-year-old nephew (loves speed): Speed Racer Movie See where I'm going here?

My New Addiction: Scrapblog

Well, I can see you guys don't like it when I go serious, so here's something fun: Scrapblog . I seriously could play with this thing for hours (and I probably will this weekend, like I needed another reason to spend time on the computer!). It's similar to some other online scrapbooks out there, but it has so much more to offer - graphics, stickers, themes, so much fun stuff you can do! And now you can even print them! Here's a quick one I put together, just for fun.

Financial Crisis 101

I am the money manger in our household, we have some stock, have a 401K, yadda, yadda, but I personally don't quite understand everything that is going on with the current financial crisis, so I decided to find some answers online. By far, the most popular and acclaimed explanation of what has happened to our economy seems to be the story, " Giant Pool of Money ", aired on NPR's This American Life. I just finished listening to this online and things do make more sense to me. There's another great link here: 5 Easy Pieces. Basically, banks and lenders gave people money without having to verify salary/income because they were convinced the housing market would continue to grow and their money would always be safe. Stupid move.

Marketing Goodness: The Nivea Couch

As some of you may or may not know, I'm in the marketing field and I love to come across fun promotional ideas. Here's a great one from Nivea: During Miami Fashion Week, Nivea was in South Beach to promote its Good-Bye Cellulite product. To celebrate swimwear designer Shay Todd’s new collection, Nivea fashioned exclusive Good-Bye Cellulite sofas for the event... love it.