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In the South: Bridal Portraits

Source: A Glass Perspective Photograph So, gonna try a new series here, related to things related to the south. Today's topic: bridal portraits.  I'm helping my niece plan her wedding, so I've got wedding on the brain right now. Here's a little about the southern tradition of a bridal portrait.  In the south, one of the most important items to do on your list is to get your bridal portrait done. Because it will be prominently displayed at the reception in an elaborate gold frame on an easel for everyone to pass when they walk in. If you've never been to a southern wedding, you've missed all of the whispers that occur upon passing that portrait... "Oh, she is gorgeous in that dress." "Are those real?" "That picture doesn't do that dress justice." "Good Lord look at the lace." "Why in the world would you want to lay in the grass in your wedding dress?" So how did this tradition start? "


My mom said she always hated her freckles, those little dots that covered her arms and face whenever the sun would come out. She always told me my freckles were kisses from the sun. Walker has inherited this trait, and I commented on how cute they were last week. He responded that he had been "growing his freckles" that day and they were "growing pretty fast". Then of course, I had to explain where freckles come from and I told him they were kisses from the sun, just like my mom told me. Now I get to look at those cute freckles every time someone calls since he managed to set my phone background with this picture...

Men are from Manteresting and Women are from Pinterest

Yes, the men have gone and created their own thing because evidently ours was just too pretty, crafty and girly for them. Meet Manteresting , the man's version of Pinterest. Although I do not condone some of the items being posted on the site (maybe cause I'm a girl), it's really quite clever. According to the site, Manteresting is "not the first social bookmarking website to hit the Internet, we are the first to specifically cater to the male population. Last time we checked there were 3.4 billion men on earth. It's about time." Take a trip over to Manteresting, and you may just get a tiny peek inside the male mind. While we're busy posting things like children's parties, interior decor shots and planning our dream wedding, they are "nailing" items to their boards. You'll see movie posters, lots of bacon, half-dressed women (we still have Ryan Gosling) and sports. So, to review: meat, sports and movies, that about sums

Oh, Nothing Much

Oh my, sometimes life gets so busy, I don't even have time to blog about it! So, what I've been up to lately, in pics... Renovating my downstairs bath (I'll show final pics once it's done)...including teaching myself how to wallpaper. That's been fun, let me tell ya... Saying goodbye to this sweet dog - my neighbor's best friend.  Getting to know this cutie-pie (my neighbor's new puppy!) Lots and lots of work, work and work...sorry, nothing to see here folks. Late night dance sessions with my little dude to our new favorite song, Someone You Used to Know... Little bit of outdoor sprucing up... And helping plan a wedding for these beautiful people (my niece and fiance)... That's all, nothing much.... So for now, know I'm still here, and planning to post more soon! Just gotta get some stuff done to post about!