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Men are from Manteresting and Women are from Pinterest

Yes, the men have gone and created their own thing because evidently ours was just too pretty, crafty and girly for them. Meet Manteresting, the man's version of Pinterest. Although I do not condone some of the items being posted on the site (maybe cause I'm a girl), it's really quite clever.

According to the site, Manteresting is "not the first social bookmarking website to hit the Internet, we are the first to specifically cater to the male population. Last time we checked there were 3.4 billion men on earth. It's about time."

Take a trip over to Manteresting, and you may just get a tiny peek inside the male mind. While we're busy posting things like children's parties, interior decor shots and planning our dream wedding, they are "nailing" items to their boards. You'll see movie posters, lots of bacon, half-dressed women (we still have Ryan Gosling) and sports.

So, to review: meat, sports and movies, that about sums up the majority of what's there so far, from what I can tell. Oh and lots of mancave ideas. Go figure.

Here's a sample of just a couple of the interesting items currently showing on the main page:

See what I mean?

Just goes to confirm, how very different we creatures are. In other words, Men are from Manteresting and Women are from Pinterest.

It will be interesting to follow this site and see how this trend inspires other online pin-boards. Anyone up for starting Kidsteresting with me?


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing the site. We love Pinterest, and women, but we really do think differently which we don't think is a bad thing at all! It's such a different atmosphere between Pinterest and Manteresting, we even have a growing group of women that have joined to get away from the cupcakes and puppies from time to time :) (just like we use Pinterest, with our wives, when we're planning our kids birthday parties)

    We also have lots of features that no other image bookmarking site currently offers which will help define what Manteresting is to come to be.

    thanks again! Happy pinning and nailing :)

    1. Jesse - thanks for the comment! No, I certainly don't think it's a bad thing that we are different! We'd probably get bored if we were too much alike! Best wishes on this exciting endeavor! I'm married to one of those "manly men" so I certainly get it (and he loves some bacon).


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