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Free Mommy Cards from Minted

I know a couple of other bloggers have posted about this deal, but I wanted to share with my readers as well! Minted is currently offering 25 free mommy cards until September 23. I jumped on this offer last week and my cards came today! How cute are they??? I plan on using them to give to moms when Walker goes on playdates or give to moms of new friends at school to schedule playdates! I decided to go with the title "Walker's Mom" - cause that's a proud title to carry! (phone number is intentionally blurred out) How to get your free cards. Browse Minted's collection of over 150 unique, fresh card designs. Personalize your design. Add your name, your child's name, or any other personal information. Check the "get free business cards" box on the order page. Pay $7.95 for shipping. Go get them while you can!!! Click on the Minted logo to go directly to the website!

Halloween, How I Love Thee...

Maybe it's because orange is such a great color, maybe because there's lots and lots of candy involved - whatever it is - I love Halloween. My sister loves it as much as me (possibly more) but I'm not really sure why were are Halloween freaks - we just are. Case in point... My sis and I - Halloween 2010 I grew up in a small town, and my mother taught at an elementary school that would throw the best Halloween carnival every year - complete with an old building converted into a haunted house. And funny enough, we used to have a big Halloween carnival at our Southern Baptist church every year too (now they have a fall festival). All of the kids at church would play games for hours - bobbing for apples, cake walks, fishing - all in good fun. Then we'd go on a real hay ride up and down the curvy country roads, with the smell of fall all around us. My sister and I would go trick-or-treating every year (until she got too old and I had to do it alone), but we'd

Thrifty Treasures: Lamp Edition

I've been wanting to link up with Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for a while, but I wanted to wait to feature a really good find from my thrifting adventures! Finally, I have a good one... I take a walk through the local Habitat for Humanity Reuse store at least once a week. The inventory that comes in and out of that store is pretty crazy so there's always something new to find. One of my summer projects has been updating my bedroom, so I've been on the search for new bedside lamps. But of course, I didn't want to pay a fortune for them. After several trips to local stores, searching online and visiting local shops, I still hadn't found the right lamp for the right price. But last week - I got lucky at the Habitat store - and found this great brass lamp for $10.00. (I also found that great needlepoint art for $5.00 at the Habitat store a couple of months ago!) I'd been looking for a white lamp to match the clean look I'm going for in the bedroom

A Macaroy Kangaroo Giveaway & Discount

A sweet friend of mine recently had a fabulous iPhone cover and I of course asked her where she found it. She excitedly responded "from Macaroy Kangaroo - you have to check out the webpage ".  So, I did and when I find something good, I always love to share it with others! Let me introduce you to the fabulous Macaroy Kangaroo , if you've never met, and invite you to participate in a fun giveaway (with a discount code too) !! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered to win this fabulous Bungalow Scout Original Deano Tote in adorable pink and blue! Perfect to use as a diaper bag, picnic bag, library bag, or anytime you need to carry "more stuff"! For a second entry, please be sure to like Macaroy Kangaroo on Facebook (you'll want to like them on Facebook anyway to get notifications of sales, new products and offers) and let me know you liked them here! I'm excited to also share a  15% discoun t with A Southern Accent readers . Thi

Why So Serious...

Haven't talked about the crazy puppy in a while... Took these pictures this weekend of Lucy that I had to share. I was trying to teach her to stay until I gave her the signal to move. She looked so serious...was trying so hard to be still and obey... Then I caught her sticking her tongue out at me... Yes, she still poops in the house sometimes, and the cat hisses at the sound of her panting, but we love her anyway. How can you stay mad at a face like that?

And Off We Go...

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at school and I think I was more nervous than Walker. We gathered all the school supplies, piled in the car, and took off on the adventure called first grade. Walker was thrilled to be seeing his friends again, getting his very own desk and being in class with his very favorite friend Sydney. As we walked through the doors to school, I felt a sense of calm, so different from last year - when we arrived for kindergarten. I found myself looking forward to seeing friends I hadn't seen all summer - parents, teachers and kids - and was pleasantly surprised when the butterflies floated away and I felt like an old pro. I bet those moms with their third and fourth children entering school could walk through this process in their sleep. But to me, it's no simple feat, sending my little guy off to first grade. It's another milestone crossed off, another exciting step towards growing up. I choose to celebrate every single moment and not

Pinnable Me Friday: Tapestry Rug

I only have one pin to share today, but it is so awesome, it will be enough... Source: via Wendy on Pinterest I saw this amazing rug/wall tapestry on Pinterest last week and I haven't been able to get it off my mind. I mean, it looks amazing, and if you look at the tutorial here, it sounds pretty easy. And of course, I was like - duh, I can do that. So my neighbor and I trekked it over to Michael's last Sunday for their 25% off everything in the store sale and I stocked up on rope (yarn), string and a gazillion pom poms. I sat down and started my first pinwheel (that's what I'm gonna call them) and it took me a while to get into the groove. But, after about an hour or so, I had this... And then about an hour later, I finished the first circle, cut it off the cardboard template, and it fell apart. All that work for nothing. And then I realized I totally bought the wrong type of colored cord. See, I decided I would be smart and buy the plas

Virtual Hugs

A virtual hug for all the people I pray for each and every day to heal and be lifted up... My mother recovering from surgery, and my best friend's mom fighting cancer. A special new mom as she finds her way, her daughter as she grows and blossoms.  My dad for being my daddy, and family that believes in faith and forgiveness. My grandmother struggling to create a smile, my grandfather still trying to be everything to her.  My uncle fighting to keep making beautiful music, my aunt being strong though she's weary. My sister as she embarks on a new challenge, the kids whose futures she will shape. My son as he begins a new school year, my husband as football season rolls around.  Work friends that have lost a true leader, and world leaders that have lost their way.  A hug for good news from the doctor, and a hug for many miles between.  Sometimes, when I don't know what to say, there's always a hug.                                                                    

Going Back

There are lots of moms out there getting ready for the whole back to school thing - and some are already there! This is my first "back to school" as a mom and I'm kinda all over the place right now about it. I'm excited, nervous, anxious - all those fun emotions moms carry around. This summer has been nice and pretty laid back. I never really knew how hectic the school year is until I no longer had to drag a six-year-old out of the bed every morning, get him dressed, fed, lunch packed and dropped off at school by 8:20. Our whole family has gotten spoiled and the back-to-school madness kinda makes me anxious. Even Lucy doesn't even get up from her spot in the family room when we walk through in the mornings to tell us bye anymore. But I'm also excited about the year. It's our second year at the school, Walker knows more people, I know more parents and we've started to feel like part of the community. I know where to go in the carpool line and which

Thrifty Nifty Home Finds

In April I started work on a gallery wall in our family room and shared the pics of the beginnings. I still felt like it wasn't full enough for the wall and I needed to add a couple more items to create the impact I was going for. So of course, I headed to the local Habitat Store to see what I could find on the cheap and I actually came out with some great finds! I picked up these two great plants prints with gold frames for $2.50 each and a neat little picture titled "Pilgrimidge to Canterbury" for only $2.00. I loved the size of this piece and thought it would work great on the wall. I enlisted the help of Mike to place the pictures in different places on the wall, fitting into the existing gallery already hanging, and picked the placement I liked the best. A couple of nails later,we were done. Here's the before and after, just to show the difference.  I really like the finished product and feel like it fills out the space perfectly! And just because I


This past weekend Walker and I loaded up the car and headed to Atlanta to see my bestie and most importantly, meet her 4-month old baby girl! We arrived Thursday afternoon and I was able to stalk this little cutie with the camera all weekend. Not to mention, I got to snuggle on her some too. She's a perfect little angel and has the most quiet little cry when she gets frustrated. And can you believe, I actually remember how to change a diaper? Guess it's like riding a bike. I also got to meet my long-time bloggy friend Jill in person for the first time! I think we've been friends online for almost three years and she is as wonderful and beautiful in person as I imagined! She no longer blogs, but we still keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter. And no, we didn't call each other and plan to match our outfits. So that's my weekend! I can't believe it's August already! I survived summer!!! We're looking forward to first grade in our house! Happy Mond

Pinterest Inspired: Beautiful Birdie

I came across this wonderful bird picture on Pinterest and the caption read "How do I turn this into an outfit?" So I thought I'd try. I can't decide which I love more - the outfit, or the photo! I'm so in love with the yellow jacket from J.Crew. If you're looking to follow someone that has amazing boards and pins ( other than me of course ), check out Pascal Acord . What an amazing eye! Make this an Outfit by SouthernStuff featuring black cocktail dresses

Accessories: One Size Fits All

Do you ever find yourself drooling over the latest accessories in Anthropologie or sucked in by the bright bling at Nordstrom only to shrivel up a little bit inside when you see the price tag? That price tag is for costume jewelry people - it's not even the real thing!!!! Sometimes you could probably buy a whole outfit at Ann Taylor Loft with what you'd spend on a great-looking necklace at Anthro. Good thing accessories don't come in sizes, because I've found the next best thing to the Nordstrom accessory counter - the Nordstrom junior accessory section. Think about it - teenagers and college kids these days have a fashion sense that's beyond their years. Heck, when I was in college, I wore sweats and a t-shirt to class. Forget J.Crew and all that. No makeup, ponytail up - not even a shower. But these kids have style and Nordstrom knows it. But they also know that these kids don't have a budget like their older consumers, so the prices are much better. I g