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Triple Digits

It's supposed to be triple digits this week. Guess summer is officially here, just in time for the fourth of July. Stay cool with these cute trends! CRUEL SUMMER by southernstuff featuring a sleeveless dress

My Print In Pictures!

Last week I started getting quite a few hits at my Etsy shop from Curious to see what was linking to my page, I came across a feature on Townsend's Gray and Turquoise Nursery, and lo and behold - one of my prints was hanging on the wall! You can check out the entire portfolio of shots by photographer Grace Dinwiddie online , but here's a couple that captured how this new mom used my "Don't Forget to be Awesome" print with a collection of others to create a beautiful art wall over the changing table. She contacted me and requested some custom colors for the Don't Forget to Be Awesome print and I love how it turned out! Isn't it fabulous? And he's pretty cute too!

Walker's Wardrobe

I'm afraid I've created a monster. Walker has become so picky about his attire these days. This weekend we had an engagement party to attend and children were invited. Walker had already decided in his head he was going to wear his khaki shorts and plaid long-sleeve shirt. Both of which were dirty because he'd just worn them a few days before. It was a melt-down of all melt-downs because I made him wear a navy t-shirt with plaid shorts. You would have thought it was the end of the world. There were tears upon tears and pouting and more tears...Then I refused to allow him to wear his flat hat and sunglasses (my mother-in-law would have died) and that produced another round of tears. I said, "Walker, a seven-year-old shouldn't care this much about what he's wearing." He said, "But I do care what I'm wearing mom." Honestly, I was secretly giddy inside, but he's gotta learn to fall in love with another outfit to have a back-up if he

Sometimes It's About the People

Occasionally you have that moment as a parent that makes you feel like you did something right. Last week I had one of those moments. Walker and I were in the car with my in-laws and we were talking about someone that was moving because they needed more space for their family.  I really wasn't aware that Walker was even listening to our conversation, but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Walker piped in and said "Sometimes it's not about how big your house is - sometimes it's about the people." It's a conversation we've had several times over the past year, as we discuss the possibility of moving into a larger home - one with a screened-in porch and maybe a bonus room. And sometimes I'd really love a newer home - one that doesn't have dings and scrapes and needs new carpet (but I do have so much fun fixing and renovating rooms in our home one by one...) But then I think about how awesome our neighborhood is - we can walk to the playground, t


So, no time to type right now, but here's a little synopsis of what we've been up to lately, just to stay in the loop. A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Here's 30,000. Type later.