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Gone Fishing

I'll be back soon.

I Love a Hotel

I love a hotel. Always have - and my sister shares that same love as I. I just don't love paying for them. Growing up, if we traveled, we stayed in mostly budget-friendly hotels when we had to travel, but my parents always splurged for nicer places for vacation at the beach. Traveling with work, I get to stay in nice places, so I'm spoiled, so I like to stay in nicer places when I travel for fun too. Thankfully, Mike's family has a beach place, so we don't have to spend money on a place to stay when we get the urge to feel the sand in our toes, but when I get the urge to travel other places, I've got to suck it up and pay. In a earlier post, I referenced trips I wanted to take this year, including our trip to DC, Charleston for our anniversary and hopes to go to NYC for Christmas. I'm pleased to say that all of these trips have/will come true and all because of one little secret that I've always known, but never tried -'m telling you

My Morning in Numbers

5 number of times I had to kiss my little guy to wake him up this morning. 2 different shirts I had to pull out of his closet because he didn't like the first one I picked. (Wonder where he gets that from???) 4 pairs of shoes I tried on with my outfit today because I just couldn't decide what mood I was in. 1 tiny slug we found on a stick outside between the back door and the car and had to take it to school to show our friends. 0 number of miles I had left on my gas gage on the highway on the way to work. 15 d ollars of gas I put into my car, making me... 10 minutes late for work. No, this picture doesn't have anything to do with this post. Pink flamingos just make me smile. How was your morning?

Hat Season

I spent quite a few hours at the pool Saturday and although I tried to stay under an umbrella, I got a bit pink. My hair was also driving me crazy because it was all over the place. I suddenly wished for a really great hat. To my surprise, while visiting last night, I came across these wonderful new Eugenia Kim hats at Target and I want one in every style and color! The fedoras remind me of some hats I have in my childhood bedroom at home that I took from my grandparents things when we cleaned out their house after my grandmother passed. My Grandaddy Lowery used to wear them over his combover every once in a while and fedoras always remind me of him.   The green straw hat is very 20's inspired and the sunhat with blue trim is cruise-worthy. But I think my favorite is the grey and black bell hat - how fabulous would that look with a black bathing suit on the beach or by the pool?    I've always been a sucker for a great hat. Just not always thrilled about havi

Screaming to the Sky and Stuff

Have you ever screamed to the sky, hoping that God hears you? To me, that is always the point at which I truly turn my troubles over to God and let him handle them. I know as a Christian I am supposed to let go to God and know that he will handle things, but letting others be in control is not one of my strong points. Ask my husband. Or my boss. Or my mom. Several years ago, my husband and I went through a challenging time, and I reached out to others for guidance, help, answers, but no one could help. It was going to be up to us to figure things out and I remember the day I screamed and cried the whole way home from work, asking God to help and lead us. The next week, we got answers and I knew he was listening. I'm not sure if it was because I was screaming, or if he finally knew I'd reached my point and that I truly was going to let him lead us from then on. I wish I could be as passionate in my walk with the Lord as I am when I really need him. I don't want him to thi

Southern Boys...

Say yes ma'am and no ma'am, yes sir and no sir. Can throw a baseball for hours without getting tired. Know Dale Jr.'s number and car colors. Love their mamas and their dogs. No matter how old they are, call their fathers 'daddy'. Know where to get good sweet tea. Can throw a rod and reel without getting tangled in the cattails. Rode a four-wheeler and a tractor before they could walk. Grow up to be sweet southern gentlemen.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Suck on them. I was reminded of these cute videos of Walker when he was little sucking on lemons when I saw Dooce's video today of Marlo eating a lemon. Something about a kid eating a lemon is just too funny. Happy weekend all!

My Little Graduate

I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and still happy about the decision I made to work and be a parent to this day. I know there are many out there that do enjoy the SAHM role, but I wanted to have a career outside the home and have a family. From the moment my little guy was born, he couldn't have been loved more, and our connection couldn't be any stronger.  One important piece to making this work was his wonderful preschool that he has been at since he was 8 weeks old, and from which he will be graduating in less than a month.   It's still hard to believe that five years has passed. Kindergarten decisions that needed to be made seemed so far away have been chosen, the excitement for something new grows every day. I am nervous about how he will like it, how we will like the school we've chosen, what the new schedule will bring. Being in the same routine for five years becomes very comfortable and change is sometimes scary for big people and little people. He tried

A First For Me

Someone at work today said that I remind them of Joan from Mad Men - my looks and my mannerisms. First time I've heard that one. Most of the time it's Trisha Yearwood or Rachel Hunter. I've only watched a couple episodes of Mad Men so do it take it as a complement or not? I would definitely say I'm missing two very important things...but I do have curves.

From the Pages Of...

I finally got to sit down this weekend and read some of the magazines that have been piling up on my coffee table and two finds stuck with me and I think they are too cute not to share! First, from Martha Stewart Living magazine, GlassyBaby votives/tumblers. The colors available in these are wonderful and they are each individually hand-blown pieces of art. They come in 70 different colors and some designated colors give 10% of the sale to national organizations to support cancer care and research as well as Conservation International and The Martha Stewart Center for Living. I think these would make a special gift for Mother's day, birthday for a special friend or a house-warming gift. I want one in every color! Available at , $40. Second cute find were Archie Grand journals from Jasper and Black, featured in House Beautiful. Look at the titles on the spines of these? Aren't they hilarious? Again, would make great gifts! Available at jasperandblack