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And Pink Will Be Their Friend...

On the way home last night, my 3-year-old started talking about colors. His favorite color is yellow, which has always been my favorite color as well, but he's convinced my favorite is pink because I'm a girl. When this came out of his mouth, it made me smile, so I wanted to share: "Mommie, I like baby blue, navy, red, green...I like all colors, but yellow is my favorite." "I know you're favorite is yellow honey." "Yellow is the mommie." "What honey?" "Yellow is the mommie and all the other colors are her little babies." "Oh, they are?" "Yes mommie, and pink will be their friend." "OK sweetie, and pink will be their friend."

Cleaning Your Plate Just Got A Lot More Stylish

I came across these wonderful melamine plates online and I've already started a list of all of the reasons I need to design and buy one (or more) for myself, my little man, my family, friends, of these would just about work for anyone because we've all gotta eat! At La Plates , you can pick out the design, color and monogram/personalization for just one plate, or a whole set of plates. They also have some great information on modern monogram etiquette . La Plates is offering blog readers 10% off all purchases through August 15 th -- just enter ' laplates 10' at checkout to receive the discount. These would make great house-warming gifts, hostess gifts, Christmas presents, birthday I said...they would work for anyone and anything! Bon appetit !

Everything Old is New Again - 90210

Can you believe it's been almost 18 years since we were first introduced to Brenda and Brandon Walsh? Growing up in the sticks, we didn't even get the channel 90210 was on and I was so glad when I got to college and could actually watch the show instead of hearing everyone talk about how good it was. This fall, 90210 is back and according to Nylon , nail polish brand OPI is planning to launch a limited edition collection of colors inspired by the original 90210 cast members in honor of the series premier. Colors have yet to be announced, but here are some ideas I came up with. See if you get all of the references: Meet Me at the Peach Pit: a soft peachy color Rodeo Drive, Baby: a gold base with a little sparkle Vixen, VaVoom and Valerie: jet black Love Notes in the Sand: buff with hints of gold An American in Paris: deep red

There is a Flower Within my Heart, Daisy, Daisy!

I've always loved daisies . Typically, a daisy is a symbol of innocence or peace. It can also be a symbol of sisterhood, love and purity. Beautiful wild daisies used to grow by the road to the fishing pond at my grandparent's house. My dad used to take me there in the summers and on the way home, I would always pick a handful of flowers to take to my mom. My best friend and I got tattoos my senior year in college - mine was a daisy. My mother said when I got pregnant it would be a field of daisies, but she was disappointed when it wasn't affected a bit by my two-week overdue baby belly. Now to my point...and I do have one...I love this sweater from Anthropologie . I actually love everything about this outfit , from the shoes to the length of the white shirt under the sweater. Fall is coming y'all, get ready for the new stuff to hit the blogs and the stores! Here's my first official fave of the season!

Not Afraid to Try Something New!

I am a marketer's dream. I see a new product and typically buy it or at least obsess over it until I can afford it. My mom is the same way - she loves to try anything new she comes across at the grocery store. It certainly keeps life interesting and you never know when you're going to find that one great product that stays with you forever. So to same you some time, I'm going to start posting some mini reviews of new items I try. They aren't always expensive - in most cases aren't - and that's what makes it so fun to try something new! So let's get started.. When Oprah premiered her first ever " things I love for summer " show, she included Cover Girl Lash Blast on her list. Now, I'm REALLY obsessive about mascara. Maybe it's because I have the wimpiest lashes in the world and I typically have to use three different kinds at one time to get them to show. I currently have like 10 different types of mascara in my makeup drawer from the very

By Order of The Management

Came across these in blogland and had to share. I'm thinking about ordering a couple for little man's room. How cool would these be in a playroom. These could actually fit in several rooms of a house - dining room, kitchen, mud can check this series, entitled "By Order of the Management" and more out here: .

For Only the Coolest Kids...

We were invited to an impromptu lunch today with our neighbors that have a son the same age as little man. I love visiting my friend's homes and hanging out in the kitchen because everyone our age has all kinds of birthday party invitations, wedding invites and birth announcements posted on the fridge. My friend received one of the COOLEST birth announcements I've ever seen and I flipped the back over to see the company so I could look it up online. Maybe it's old news, but I've never seen these before... Rattle-N-Roll offers birth announcements styled after gig posters for rock concerts. You send your baby's picture in and they create a custom portrait of your child and put it into one of the pre -designed templates available. You can also order large posters to put in your child's room. They aren't cheap, but being cool never is...

Baby Shower Inspiration Boards

I got all excited about the baby shower inspiration board contest over at Sippycups Are for Chardonnay , but only ended up submitting this first one on time. I managed to pull the second together this weekend just for kicks and loved the colors, so thought I'd share here. The first board is call "Nesting Instincts" and the second is "Over the Rainbow". I think I could get addicted to creating these things.

Hey Cupcake!

I don't have a cupcake obsession, really, but they just seem to be a hot thing right now. I was in Austin last week for work and we finished up shooting a couple of hours early, so I asked some of the local folks what to do and they said to check out downtown Austin and Hey Cupcake, a cupcake vendor parked in a lot on Congress. It sounded really fun, so we punched the address of the parking lot into the Garmin and took off. We finally find it and it's basically a silver Airstream trailerhuge with a huge pink cupcake on top. I had the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and it was really yummy! This got me thinking - how cool would it be to open a cupcake truck like those taco trucks that drive around and serve awesome Mexican food? I could just call it "The Cupcake Truck" and it would be like an ice cream truck, but with cupcakes! If I could charge $2.50 a cupcake like these folks, I'd be in business!

Fun and Funky House Numbers

Everyone ALWAYS pulls across the street to our neighbor’s house if they’ve never been to visit because all of the mailboxes are on the same side of the street. My house numbers are just the plain on same old numbers and I’m currently forcing a beautiful vine up and around the front stair frame that’s going to completely cover them anyway, so I’m looking into some new ways to display my number. Today’s finds from had some great house numbers, so I decided to look for more on Etsy and found these fun little works of art! Got any fun ideas for house numbers? Send me the link!

Random Ramblings: Magical Cupcakes!

What makes a cupcake so wonderful? Is it because they are just so darn cute? Is it because you have this small little space to decorate and you can do something completely new and original with the next one? I looked up cupcakes on wikipedia and found out some interesting information: "A cupcake (the common US term) or fairy cake (the common British term, although it is now used interchangeably with the US term) is a small cake designed to serve one person.The name of "cupcake" is given as it is a small cake the size of a teacup. In previous centuries, before muffin tins were widely available, the cakes were often baked in individual pottery cups, ramekins, or molds. The name "fairy cake" is a fanciful description of its size; an appropriate size for a party of diminutive fairies to share. " There are actually 226 books on about cupcakes . There are hundreds of blogs about cupcakes, but my favorite is 52 Cupcakes , check it out for a cupcake

Birthday Wish List

Yep, it's a national holiday next Wednesday (so my husband says). I typically get money for my birthday and being the shopper I am, I've already started thinking of ways to spend it. Here are a couple of great things I've come across I thought I'd share (just in case anyone is reading and wants to surprise me...hee hee hee...). These are all affordable and totally doable! Betsey Johnson 'Bohemian Betsey' 3-Row Illusion Necklace with Charms My Favorite Perfume, and I'm Out of It! Dior 'Miss Dior Chérie' Eau de Parfum Spray This great Hobo Wallet (it has this really cool lining too) This Adorable Polka Dot Sweater from J Crew I could keep going...

Lazy Days = Time to Sweat

I was at the beach all weekend at my in-laws house, so needless to say I ate really good food all weekend cause my mother-in-law is a fabulous cook. Then I had to stop by the fish market on the way home and picked up some fresh grouper, slaw and a key lime pie. I cooked all of that last night with a homemade tomato pie picked up at the Morehead City Farmer's Market and yumm.... So, now I'm back to trying to work out every day. It's so hard, but we have a gym downstairs at work, which makes it much easier. I've recently also picked up a kettlebell and I'm loving this thing. I was introduced to kettlebells through one of my friends and freelance client and her fitness center Rapid Results Fitness . These things will kick your butt - the first time I used them, my thighs were sore for two days. Katherine Heigl swears by them. The great thing is you only have to do them a couple times a week for brief periods of time (about 20 minutes) to see results. Here's a po

Happy Fourth!

I love the fourth of July! Maybe because July is my birthday month, maybe it's because my mom always made a special red, white and blue dessert and my dad had fireworks on the fourth. The last couple of years I've spent the fourth at the beach and I love seeing the fireworks down the beach with the ocean waves crashing on the sand. Coming over the bridge, my husband and I always roll down the windows and smell the air. Tonight I rolled them down and said "Smell the beach!" My little man replies, "Mommy, that's not beach, that's saltwater." He's three and already a beach bum. In honor of the fourth, I created this color board for the Style Me Pretty site , which may show up tomorrow! I hope! Happy fourth and wear sunscreen!

Time to Change the Sheets!

My little man recently got his hands on a permanent marker daddy uses to mark his golf balls and proceeded to write all over my ebay Pottery Barn duvet. Well, just happens I was checking out the new stuff on Pottery Barn yesterday and came across this beautiful, fun set called Piper. So, I checked out ebay to see if there were any sets on there, and there it was - and last night at 8:00 pm I won it! I went to the Pottery Barn site today to see how much they were retailing for because I couldn't remember and guess what - they are no longer available . I guess they sold out that quickly???? Mom, if you're reading this, they have the sheet set in King on eBay too if you're looking for birthday gift ideas...I know I wanted a Wii , but hoping Daddy will come through on some cash for that one! ;-) Anyway, can't wait to pick out a great wall color to go with this. Any suggestions?