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How to Make a Mohawk.

My little man got a new haircut this weekend. I was sad to see he longer locks go because he looks so much older with the new cut. He wanted it shorter so he can "spike it up". The other night he decided he'd try a mohawk. Take a look at his technique. Obviously, one of his secrets is to apply liberally. Please excuse the dirty mirror. I didn't have time to wipe it down before he started. Hope you enjoy our Southern Accents too! ;-)

Calypso St. Barth for Target

Available May 1.   Yes please, one of each.

The Beginnings of a Gallery Wall

Last week I mentioned I wanted to get going on a gallery wall for our family room. And shockingly enough, I actually made some progress this weekend. Here's where we last left our trusty wall (see the little cutie in the mirro playing Wii?) When we first bought our house five years ago, this room had a beachy theme (it was all the rage at Pottery Barn at the time). There used to be a big ocean-themed print in this frame we purchased specifically for this wall. Then I stuck the other two pieces up because there were already nails there. And there they stayed for four years. Last year, I decided to update our master bath, so I took the builder-grade mirror (aka blah and boring) mirror off the wall and replaced it with a nicer mirror. I had the brilliant idea to take the old mirror and stick it in this frame (which used to have a matting around it). It looked great for a while, but the mirror was so heavy, it bent the matting, so I ripped it out a couple of weeks ago, hoping

Boys and Girls

Star Wars and Bakugan vs. Cinderella and Snow White.  Oh the difference in boys and girls. Rambunctious, but kind, he's still learning self control.  God bless the teachers at his school, the patience they have. All boy, all sports, all the time. And he never tires. He's tough, but not too tough to still give mommie a kiss... and maybe a little snuggle here and there.  He loves Justin Beiber, grits, lacrosse, golf, soccer, basketball and football. Hates to brush his teeth, wants to wear gel in his hair and I've finally convinced him there are other clothes out there besides athletic attire. He loves his Rainbow flip flops, spends most of his evenings with the kids in the neighborhood and is a huge fan of iCarly and Spongebob. He is my little cutie pie.

Southern Love

Just some of the stuff I'm loving right now... 1. Adele Sure, it started with Rolling in the Deep, but have you heard the whole album? Rarely do I find one that I can listen to in its entirety and actually love! My other fave tracks are Turning Tables, Set Fire to the Rain and He Won't Go. 2. Mac Nail Lacquer in Steamy This was a random purchase at the mall. I was actually looking for concealer, but also needed a really good new polish. I asked the Mac lady if they had any and she pulled out a tray - I immediately fell in love with this color. It's a gorgeous pink, bright and cheery for Spring, and it goes on amazingly smooth! 3. Abstract Landscape Giclee Print - Etsy I've ordered this for my gallery wall in the family room. The colors and beautiful background shade of teal make me smile. I pined this on Pinterest last night and people are repinning it like crazy. Isn't it gorgeous? I would love the original too! 4. Water for Elephants, The Movie I ab

Home Again, Home Again...

Yes, the home idea and renovation posts have been sparse. But fear not, dear readers, I'll be back in the home project state of mind very soon. With all of the parties and benefits and volunteer work I've been doing in my spare time, not much progress has happened here. I've got tons of work to do around here, and have sworn myself no new home projects until I finish the ones I've already started. Let's list them out, shall we? There's the front porch I'm refinishing and planning to stencil with a really cool pattern. So far, I've sanded (thanks to dad for the electric sander) and applied the first coat of paint. Here's my attempt to try to match the color that's already there... Then, we have the awful mirror I've ripped the matting off because I hated it. My plan is to create a gallery wall a la John and Sherry from different prints and framed art I've accumulated at thrift shops and throughout the years. This room needs a lot

Star Wars Party Highlights

  So the fabulous Star Wars Skating Party weekend finally arrived for us, along with torrential rain, tornadoes and wind. But thankfully, all were kept safe and sound as we traveled back and forth for the party. Walker woke up Saturday morning with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. We'd stayed up the evening before putting the finishing touches on his Star Wars cake. He served as the creative director as I showed him images online of other cakes for inspiration. We landed on a blue cake with a cute little Yoda on top. (I may or may not have an alien crush on Yoda). I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of commercially-branded birthday parties, so I could only get so creative when it came to Star Wars.One great idea I found online was homemade light sabers from pool noodles, duck tape and electrical tape. These were a big hit with the kids as they used them to beat up each other, as well as our visitor, Darth Vader himself. The visit from Vader was a

Now We Are Six

  Happy birthday to my precious, sweet, loving little guy.  I love you more than you'll ever know! Now We Are Six Author: A.A. Milne When I was one, I had just begun. When I was two, I was nearly new. When I was three, I was hardly me. When I was four, I was not much more. When I was five, I was just alive. But now I am six, I'm as clever as clever. So I think I'll be six now and forever.

Kidzu Gala - Our Dreams Become Reality

All of the hard work we put into decorations, planning and publicity finally came together Saturday evening with the successful Kidzu Dreams Gala. While the heavens opened up and released torrential rain upon our outside event, our strong tent withstood the wind and rain and the party went on. The theme of our event was Dreams. The gala raised money for the new Kidzu Children's Museum in Chapel Hill, so we imagined what children dream about and used it as inspiration for the party. We tried to tie everything into the bedtime/dream theme. I've not seen the totals from the art auction, but the live auction went really well! One of the biggest challenges we had was how we were going to display the art, since we were outside and we really didn't have a wall. We finally came up with a solution to take free pallets and make them into a wall (with the help of a kind friend with power tools and talent). I loved the way it turned out. (See my painting????) When guests got of

15 Original Works of Art

When we first started planning the Kidzu Gala, I think I was most excited about the live auction. The lots we've put together are amazing and the excitement of a live auction is thrilling for anyone to watch! But slowly but surely, the paintings and pieces have started to come in for the silent art auction and the items are truly amazing. We are now up to 15 original works of art, including an amazing piece by Jane Filer that I would kill to have hanging in my house and some pretty cute art submitted by the same artists that have a piece on Grey's Anatomy next week! I like to play around with the brush now and again myself, so I took my current obsession with flag buntings and created a cute piece perfect for a fun family room or little girl's room. I hope someone buys it! I've titled it "Bunting Birdies".

Ticket to Crazy Town

I have a new print in the shop! Here's the latest addition to my digital prints , only $6.00 for the high resolution file! And remember, you can always request a custom color! I think this would look great in an office - because sometimes this is what work feels like, right? My "Don't Forget to be Awesome" print has gotten some great attention on the web   - which is so exciting!  

All Over the Place

I know, I know, I've been bad at updating my blog lately. It's just been a crazy month. March flew by and April looks to be doing the same. I was in Arizona all last week with work, picked up the cute little Spongebob above for my sweet little guy's 6th birthday party coming up in less than two weeks! Housekeeping must have thought it was cute too because they sat him out on my bed after they cleaned one day. It made me smile when I walked in that afternoon. Our Kidzu Gala is this weekend and we've got some fabulous art for the auction and the decorations are going to be out of this world! I can't wait to share pics from the event! Now if I could only decide what I'm going to wear. I'm fighting a cold. Party due to that dry Arizona weather (what do people see in Arizona?) and party because of the change of weather I'm sure. This is the type of cold that would knock Mike out for about a week. We mamas, just gotta keep trucking.  Plans are in full