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Southern Love

Just some of the stuff I'm loving right now...

1. Adele
Sure, it started with Rolling in the Deep, but have you heard the whole album? Rarely do I find one that I can listen to in its entirety and actually love! My other fave tracks are Turning Tables, Set Fire to the Rain and He Won't Go.

2. Mac Nail Lacquer in Steamy
This was a random purchase at the mall. I was actually looking for concealer, but also needed a really good new polish. I asked the Mac lady if they had any and she pulled out a tray - I immediately fell in love with this color. It's a gorgeous pink, bright and cheery for Spring, and it goes on amazingly smooth!

3. Abstract Landscape Giclee Print - Etsy
I've ordered this for my gallery wall in the family room. The colors and beautiful background shade of teal make me smile. I pined this on Pinterest last night and people are repinning it like crazy. Isn't it gorgeous? I would love the original too!

4. Water for Elephants, The Movie
I absolutely adored this book, and love some RPattz too, so I'm hoping Mike and I can get away for a date night either this weekend or next week to see this! I'm obsessed with the music that plays in the promo and the amazing vintage look of the whole film. I'm just hoping it does the book justice - has anyone seen it yet? What did you think?

5. Lourdes Sánchez Whales Pillow Cover, West Elm
This came through on an e-blast from West Elm this week. My gauge on whether or not I really love something is if I keep coming back to it in my mind and this is definitely one of those that keep popping up in my head. I love everything about these pillows and need to figure out how to make them work in my house just so I have an excuse to buy them!

6. Pinterest
I mentioned earlier this week my new love of Pinterest, but just needed to say it again. It's become my favorite thing to do at night right before bed. I'll snuggle in with my iPad (romantic, I know) and pin a couple of cool things that inspire me. I could totally get lost on this site.

One of my most favorite things to do when reading other blogs is get inspiration and see what other people are into out there! What about you? What are you absolutely loving right now? Share you cool finds!


  1. That abstract print is lovely, as is the whale pillow cover! And I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict too - off to add you there!

  2. I love love love Pinterest! I'm following you now! I find such inspiration from it! And, many delicious recipes!


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