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Working Moms - This One's for You

For so long I've held back on my blog because I was scared I'd lose readers and worried that I would anger someone, but I'm done with that. And in all honestly, I'm not trying to upset anyone or criticize, but let's be honest - in the never-ending debate of working vs. non-working mommies, someone's feelings are always gonna get hurt.

So let's throw caution to the wind ... working moms - this one's for you.

I woke up this morning, rolled over to snuggle with my little guy (yes he still ends up in the bed with me most nights) and watched as he slowly opened his eyes and smiled. He looked and me and said, "Mommie, I want waffles."

And so it goes each morning. I wake around 7:00, get Mike to warm up some waffles, or do it myself, then shower, dress...and off to school.

And it's all we've ever known.

When he was 4 months old - same thing - yep, different breakfast - no waffles then, but he was off to daycare and I was off to work.

And I do…

Star Wars Gift Bag Tags

Two years ago, for Walker's Star Wars birthday, I created Yoda tags to attach to the gift bags for the party. Little did I know these bag tags would become so popular on Pinterest!

To date, these tags have been repinned almost 500 times!!!

So I thought since there's so much interest, I'd add them to my Etsy shop. So now, for just $8.00 - you can receive the file electronically and print them for yourself! I jazzed them up a bit with some sliver glitter puff paint on the light saber and some silver ribbon to attach to the dollar store bags. Print as many or as few as you want!

So, if you are planning a Star Wars party, check them out! And may the force be with you!

Annual Halloween Mantel - The Haunted Garden

It's no secret around here that I am a lover of Halloween. I say it every year, but both my sister and I are nuts about Halloween and honestly, I think it's because we used to have the best time with our church family with Halloween carnivals and haunted houses in the church basement (that's before everything turned into the "fall festival"). We would go for hay rides, run around in the church cemetery and our pastor was even in on all of the fun. Can you believe that?

Anyway, October kicks off each year with my annual Halloween mantel, which I worked on this weekend. This year I decided to go with a green, black and white theme, inspired by Mrs. Limestone's feature in BHG Treats & Tricks magazine. And I thought I loved Halloween, this lovely lady puts me to shame!

I really really wanted to run out to Michael's and see what new fun things I could find, but I decided to work with what I had in my box of Halloween decor (yes, I have one, just like Chris…