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Christmas Decor from the Dollar Store

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is my small collection of nativity scenes. They are cute little limoges boxes with sweet details and scenes of the birth of Christ.

What I love most about them? They are from the Dollar Store! They sell a new one each year and I always run by there and pick one up. I think they are so sweet and for a dollar - you can't beat it!

These little boxes also make great gifts for Sunday School teachers, neighbors and friends!

That Darn Elf

Ahhh, the Elf on the Shelf, yet another wonderful tradition to get us into the Christmas spirit. Yes, it's great for the kids and manages to somewhat keep them in check, but it stresses me out. I lie in bed at night reminding myself that I did, indeed, move the elf and yes, he hasn’t been in this spot before and no, I don’t think the dog can get to him.
Meet JoJo, our cute little Elf on the Shelf. Yes, he’s of the plush variety because three years ago when our little elf went back to the North Pole after Christmas, he never came back (AKA, I packed him somewhere and still haven’t discovered his location). So what better excuse for me to replace the original plastic, creepy elf with the cuter version available via

And in the true spirit of “I’m the most creative mom around”, I’ve tried out some of the gazillion elf ideas I’ve seen online. I immediately discount any that involve food (see aforementioned dog) and stick to the basics. In one genius move, I actually sprinkle…

Christmas Past

Enjoy them while they're little...they grow up so fast. I'm scared belief in Santa will not much longer last.

That twinkle in their eye, that giggle and that smile - Christmas is so magical, especially with a child.

Before you came, the holidays were simply about me. But through the joy you bring, I can clearly see.

I no longer make lists of stuff I think I need, But load my cart with gifts for which I've heard you plead.

It is true what they say, and you've probably heard it too,
 But I never had such fun at Christmas before you.

Christmas through your eyes is so much more exciting, And never will I hope in Santa we'll be doubting.

Christmas Is On!

I think I just ordered my very last Christmas gift! The decorations are up and I've been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving, so I'm officially in the spirit!

I'm very OCD about getting my decorations up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So we zipped home from the beach Sunday morning, bought a tree that afternoon, and I got it up by bedtime. I love decorating the tree, so that's the fun part for me!

And I love shopping - anyone who knows me certainly knows that about me...It's the wrapping that stresses me out! So, up next - Christmas goodies (while not gaining 10 lbs), Christmas parties - and of course - MORE DECORATING!!!

There are some amazing goodies and decorating ideas on Pinterest. Here's my Christmas board to check out and get some inspiration to get you into the holiday spirit too!

Let's get ready to celebrate the best birthday of the year!!

Crafty Christmas: A Fisherman's Wreath

What's the perfect Christmas decor for your favorite fisherman or beach-dwelling family? Why, a Fishing Bobber wreath of course!!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for my in-laws home at the beach. Over the Thanksgiving break, while at said in-laws house, I took a couple of minutes to create my own version of the "Fishing Bobber Wreath" (not very catchy, I know, but I have no idea what else to call it).

A quick trip to the dollar store yielded a smallish artificial wreath form the perfect size for a mini wreath that fit directly above the front door. As for the fishing bobbers, they were a bit trickier to find. I assure you, the folks at the local sport supply shop looked at me a bit funny when I asked "is this all you have" when I reviewed their fishing bobber supply and came up short. Thankfully, Walmart had an abundant supply of bobbers and they were much cheaper.

A glue gun, some perfectly placed bobbers and a cute little…

Kiss My Grits Winners and New Print in the Shop!

Hi there!  Sorry I've been a bit tardy announcing winners of the the Etsy Kiss My Grits prints! The shop has been crazy busy this week and I'm just trying to keep up with all of the orders!

So, the winners are:

Megan (Tales of the Trees)
Laura (The Land of Syd and Ben)
Faison (Fat to fabulous... and everything in between.)
Mrs. Jansson (The Jansson Family)

Congrats to all! You'll be getting an e-mail from me with the high-resolution file for printing!

I also got some inspiration to create another new print for the shop. I can't wait to print this one out and hang it in my kitchen. I think it's something we should all remember. Have a great weekend!!!