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Working It

Hey you guys! I'm in Phoenix for work this week! Lovely weather, no humidity, loving it! Dinners at night and long booth hours, so not much time to blog, but will be back soon! Couple of quick things: - Plane rides sometimes make me want to grab that little white bag in the pocket in front of me - My fingers are already swollen from eating too much bad food on the road - I love a hotel, especially one with a great view and a king bed - Downtown Phoenix is not very exciting - what am I missing? - My feet hurt from too many hours on the booth - I'm away from my little guy and hubs for five days, which is so hard, but Nana is there taking care of things in my absence - West coast time is getting to me. I can't figure out what time of day it is out here. Going to bed now. It's 3:04 east coast time and whatever Jimmy Kimmel just went off west coast time. Good night.

Kidzu Dream Gala Tickets Now Available!

As I sit here, I'm peeling black spray paint off my fingers from a mad 3-hour painting session this afternoon. I may or may not still be a little woozy from the spray paint fumes, but it's all for a good cause - the Kidzu Children's Museum in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I'm thrilled to say I'm on the planning committee for the Kidzu Dream Gala, coming up April 9 in Chapel Hill. The 2011 Dream Gala marks the first steps of the Kidzu Capital Campaign, an effort to raise money to build a new museum on the Wallace Deck in Chapel Hill. This new site will increase the size of the Kidzu facility substantially with approximately 15,000 square feet of indoor space, and an additional 5,000 to 7,000 square feet of space for outdoor exhibits and programs. Tickets are now on sale via the gala website at and I can't wait for the awesome evening we have planned! We've put together an exciting evening of  magic - think Alice in Wonderland meets

Text Me.

  My husband is a bit older than me. Well, let's just say it - 17 years older than me - but I'm a bit of an old soul, so it works for us. One thing we've never seemed to link up on is technology. Since I'm in marketing, and we marketers are always looking for the newest thing to get the word out and get people to buy, buy, buy, I'm typically an early adopter when it comes to new things. I walk around the house with my iPad, Blackberry (we no longer have a home phone), laptop, Rebel camera, Flip camera, etc. and most of the time he just ignores me. Actually, most of the time I'm not even using the stuff, just carrying them either up or downstairs or looking for one of the fifty million charges for each device because I have a dead battery and cannot ever find the darn things (I digress). So when my hippie husband - child of the 50s, teen of the seventies - decided he wanted a cell phone several years ago, I was thrilled. Soon, I couldn't separate him f

Star Wars Skating Party

What do you do when your five-year-old, soon-to-be six-year-old decides he wants a Star Wars skating party? Duh, Star Wars on Wheels of course! More to come! Stay tuned for how I'm gonna pull all this together!

True Bieber Fever

I don't think I've ever mentioned on the blog that my sports-loving son also takes a boys hip hop dance class on Fridays at Dance Theatre South in Durham. One of his friends was going to take the class and his mom was willing to pick Walker up and take him too, so I said, sure, why not? Something different for him to do on Fridays instead of hanging out in after school. It's actually become one of the things he looks forward to the most on Fridays. Even better, they are doing a Justin Bieber remix for their recital number, and Walker loves Justin Bieber (did I mention I have the fever too after seeing the movie?). All the more reason to have the perfect costumes of purple hoodies and NY Yankee caps right? Mike is horrified that his son is taking dance class, but I assured him that 1) Walker will not be dressing like this in public (although he's worn the hat out a couple of times because he likes it so much) 2) Athletes take dance classes for balance (don't t

Be Not Afraid of Color

I love wearing color. In fact, just today I wore green twill J Crew slacks with an orange Lands End Canvas button-up sweater and a muti-colored, jewel-toned Anthropologie necklace with my leopard print Dankos. Seriously - I know it sounds like a crazy person put me together this morning, but it made me happy. Plus, I certainly had the green thing going on. I had three comments about my "colorful attire" before I got out of the elevator this morning. So obviously, I'm not afraid to wear color. One of the reasons I love Boden and Anthropologie is because their clothing is so colorful. Talbots, another popular mall favorite that would typically fall into the "drab" category, is bringing it this spring with lots of color. If you look at the current selections on Gap, J Crew,  Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc., right now - everything looks so drab, basic and boring (in my opinion) - and black. Now, I love to wear black too, but I always throw in a pop of col

Plugged Back In

I'm back. Sorry I was gone so long. Walker was on spring break last week and I just wanted to check out for a while completely. It's kinda nice to do that once in a while. Recently, I feel like my writing and topics were getting a bit stale. Maybe I'm trying too hard, maybe life is just none too exciting to write about. Either way, I'm back. We had a great time on spring break, hanging out around here for the first part of the week, then we headed to the beach to spend several days with my in-laws. Walker went back to school yesterday, and after being with him for basically ever moment for the last eight days, I missed my little guy. He was glad to get back to his friends and away from all of the adults, but he did give me a great big hug last night when I came home from work. He missed me too. I will say that Lucy was certainly ready for everyone to get out of the house and give her full reign. My best friend Daria's due date is today

Call To Worship

This is how we roll at my church... Visit New Hope online at .

You're A Firework

Another new print in the shop.  I received a couple of questions about the best way to print these digital prints. You can basically print them on any color printer and on any type of heavier weight paper. Photography paper works fine, as well as just plain cardstock. It really depends on the final look you're going for. Good thing is, if you frame the print, it doesn't have to be that sturdy or dense because the frame will protect it!

The Oscars: 2011 Photoshop Fashion

2011 Oscars - not so hip, not so young. Was really cheering for Anne and James to make it happen this year, but seems like Anne was the only one present. James was worrying about his homework and exams and Twitter and stuff. He even skipped the post-Oscar party he was hosting to jump on a plane back to Harvard. I commend his commitment to his studies, but if you aren't willing to give it all at the Oscars, maybe you shouldn't have said yes to the gig. Ok, enough of that. Let's get to the Photoshop magic... I'm gonna start with JHud. Love her new figure, but would have actually liked to have seen less of it, if you know what I mean. Just a little more coverage would have made me like this look so much more. I do give her much credit for the color choice - looks great with her skin tone. Before                                                                                    After And here's Cate. Yes, she's known to wear some strange things on the car

Don't Forget to Be Awesome

I've switched the format around a little in the shop, making everything digitally available. So there's no shipping and the prints are only $6 a piece - pretty good price for artwork, if I do say so myself! Here's the newest print in the shop . I'll be adding more this weekend, so be sure to check back! You can always access the shop via the right links bar over yonder...