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The Real Me...

Some fun things I've found on Pinterest that are totally me, and maybe I'm a little embarrassed to admit...but hey, we're all friends here right? What about you guys? Feel like admitting to anything crazy about yourself? Come across any great Pinterest finds that totally nailed your personality and/or quirks?? And, another thing, I didn't create any of these, so evidently there are some other similar souls out there just like me!

Wordless Wednesday: Will Someone Please Play Ball With Me?

Things We Don't Talk About

                                                                                         Source: via Diane on Pinterest I had my very first mammogram last Wednesday. I'm 36, so it was my baseline mammogram. The technician pretty much scared me to death. She said almost everyone is called back after their first mammogram because every single little speck is looked at to be sure you are clear and good. Then, if all goes well, you don't have to come back until you are 40. At that point, if anything shows up, they can go back to the baseline and see how it's changed. Sounds corny, but I consider it a one of life's passages, something that once seemed so far away, but now it's passed. I remember days my mother would have to go in for her mammogram, she dreaded it so. She'd talk about how uncomfortable it was and honestly, it scared me to think I'd have to endure the procedure one day. Honestly, I'd been dreading it for so long, bu

2012 Pantone Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango 2012 by southernstuff featuring vintage evening dresses

Southern Sayings Series

Now that's a mouth-full! I had some requests to add another piece to the southern sayings series, to make three that could be framed side-by-side. Mike and I brainstormed a good "southernism" and finally landed on "I'm Fixin To". A very common saying in the south for sure! It's now available in the shop as a individual print, or you can buy the whole set of three southern sayings! Would look adorable framed beside each other in a hallway, bathroom, kitchen - pretty much anywhere!!   Visit the shop to purchase your prints now!

Whirlwind Weekend

Walker and I sped off to the beach this weekend for a quick trip to see my in-laws, niece and niece's fiance! Yes, we have a wedding to plan - and I'm so excited! They are getting married at the beach in the fall (which gives me plenty of time to get skinny, and motivation to do so). And I think it will even give me enough time to find something to wear. It was a quick trip, but relaxing all the same. My sister-in-law's father-in-law died Saturday morning and my niece had to leave earlier than expected. But we did pick a location, which is very exciting. Walker missed his daddy, couldn't wait to get back home to watch football with him, but he did get in some target practice with the BB gun Pappa gave him. We start 'em young down here in the south. We got home around 4:00 this afternoon. Mike and I unpacked the car and I headed to the mall. The boys were good to go with NFL on the tube, and I needed some retail therapy - specifically, shoes. I think just abou

Spiffing Things Up A Bit

With the new year typically comes new motivation for me to get moving on home projects. Our house is 26 years old and we've now been here almost 6 years. We waver back and forth between moving in a year or two, or sticking around and adding all the bells and whistles we want. Since we only have one child, we don't need  a huge house, but the one thing I'd love to have is a screened-in porch - so I wouldn't be eaten alive every time I walk outside between the months of April and October... But in the meantime, I continue to make tweaks and changes around here. Mostly because it's fun for me, mostly because I'm OCD and when I get an idea in my head I must follow through with it... So, thanks to some moola from my dad and the hubby for Christmas, I accomplished a couple of projects over the holidays. Two major rooms I'm focusing on this year are the master bedroom and the downstairs bath. First up, downstairs bath: When we moved in, the downstairs bat

Begin Again

                   Source: via Holly on Pinterest Yep, it's that time again when we start anew. A chance to begin again I suppose, with new goals and new perspectives on things. As in most years, I've got a couple of goals for myself. Some I've already started working on, some I really need to get going on and some that are going to kick my butt this year! I received this quote in my e-mail earlier this week and I think it's going to be my mantra for 2012: At any moment, you have the ability to dramatically change any area of your life, or follow your heart's deepest desires. It's yours to create, any way you want it. Craig Townsend I really like the idea that I can have an effect on my own destiny (outside of what God has planned of course) at any point and time and it's really up to me to make things happen. All it takes is a change in my mindset - which sounds so very easy, but often I find that changing myself is a

Happy New Year!

Happy new year from the Woodall family! I guess it's still considered the new year...still the first week of the new year at least! I know, I've not been around lately...but you all know how crazy the holidays can get. What with all this cuteness happening, it's no wonder I couldn't manage to sit down in front of a computer and blog... I had a little over a week off from work and it was great. Spent some great time with the family, my little man, and actually got some house projects completed! Can't wait to share! December was also crazy because of the success of the shop - I had more than 200 orders in December! Wow! Thanks for all of your support and interest - I'm adding some new prints soon and will share when they are available! I also went to a fabulous Pinterest Party (pics to come), was awful sick for 4 days, made some yummy food (recipes to come) and lost 5 lbs over the holidays!  How does one do that??? (see awful sick for 4 days) So, her