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In Walker's Words

"Mom, how old are you? I can't ever remember  because you look 17..." How I love this child...

Christmas Gifts: The Best Bag

Two years ago I won a Kelly Moore bag through a random Twitter contest. I'd been eying her bags for a while, but hadn't yet pulled the trigger to purchase one on my own. If you don't know about Kelly Moore bags, let me introduce you to the most versatile, beautiful, well-made and sturdy bags you've ever seen. Seen I'm a bit of a bag lady in that I like to carry EVERYTHING around with me. But I only like to carry ONE bag at a time. And my Kelly Moore bag fits everything - including my laptop - perfectly. I have the Two Sues bag in Walnut - and it goes with everything too. Not a week doesn't go by that I don't get a compliment on this bag. Kelly Moore bags were created to use when carrying cameras - which I use mine for as well when I carry mine with me - but since I'm not anything close to being a professional photographer, I use my purse for other things too.  And I use it every day - and it is still in perfect condition - just like the day I bo

Free Christmas Printable

I know, I's not even Thanksgiving yet... But here's a little gift from me to you, via our favorite Christmas villian...The Grinch! Just click on the picture to download a high resolution version for printing! And don't forget to check out my other prints (great for gift-giving) in my Etsy shop here .

Potty Math

Walker: "Mom, how many times have you gone to the bathroom in your entire life?" Me: "Good question Walker, let's do the math" And without hesitation, I pull out my cell phone and open the calculator. "Well, let's say the average person goes to the bathroom 5 times a day, so that's 5 times 365 days in a year times 37 years of my life and you get 67,525." Walker: "Cool. Now do mine." Me: "Ok, that's 5 times 365 times 7 and you get 12,775." Walker: "Cool." Me: "And that, my son, is why you learn math in school - so you can calculate these important figures." Walker: "Mom, you're crazy."

Halloween 'Round Here

Y'all know I get crazy for Halloween. So this year, we decided to have a little spooky sleepover for Walker and a couple of his friends. The boys favorite part - apple bobbing. They could have kept going for hours if it hadn't gotten dark. And then they brought in the bucket and bobbed in the shower. And let's just say - how did I live without Pinterest? And I think the first couple of pins I ever pinned were Halloween - love all of the great ideas and I've already started pinning for Christmas! So, here are a couple of shots from our Halloween festivities. No picture of Mike - he's not quite as into the holiday as Walker and I are - but I did get him to dress up in one of my UNC t-shirts - he went as a UNC fan (he's a die-hard Dookie). Walker went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and one of his best friend's neighborhoods - so he was pretty happy Halloween night. And here's how I handle the candy - and always have - we just dump it out and he