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Happy Pills

I'm a crazy person. At least, that's what I feel like some times. And it runs in my family. No, not really crazy (and don't take offense if you are one of me), but just clinically depressed and filled with anxiety. It's as if I don't have something to worry about in my head constantly, then I don't feel normal. Luckily, there's a pill for that. It's a bitter pill, one that I'll basically have to take the rest of my life, but I've slowly accepted that it's like any other disease, and just like diabetes or heart disease, that little pill is gonna make me better. But that little pill makes me gain weight, gives me the brain shivers when I miss it, and although I've tried to get off it multiple times, I just can't. So I guess that makes me an addict as well. But it's a pill that my grandparents and family didn't always have, and they suffer from it as well, so I should be thankful for this little red capsule of happiness

Absolutely Beautiful Things: Black and Spiro

I've mentioned that I'm turning our downstairs bedroom into an office/family room since no one ever sleeps there except the dog. Since this room is completely from scratch (doesn't even have flooring right now) my options are wide open for what to do, which totally excites and scares me at the same time. So after months of looking at samples and colors, I've finally picked out the floors and they have been delivered. I'm hoping to install them when we get back from the beach, but that still leaves the walls, furniture, rug....and on and on. I previously posted my idea of the circus theme/inspiration, and I still think I may do some of this, but I really want lots of color and I want it to be eclectic, but comfortable. Last night I was Tweeting about my challenges with this room and mentioned how much I love the new Black and Spiro shop that was unveiled recently and received several responses from others that had never seen this blog. So, allow me to introduce

Summer Funk

Today I didn't feel like getting out of bed, actually have been feeling that way for a couple of weeks now. Can't quite understand what's getting to me, but I've been in a bad mood for about a month. Maybe I'm stressed about Walker starting kindergarten and I'm suppressing my feelings and they are just taking me over inside, maybe it's because it's so friggin hot I can't even walk outside without sweating or even enjoy an evening at the pool. I'll call it the summer funk, and it's taken me over. Maybe it's because summer is almost over and although I can't wait for the crisp fall evenings, Halloween and warm clothes, I still feel a little sad that this is the last summer for my little guy as a pre-schooler. He has only four days left of preschool. The last five years have been leading up to this day, and what seemed so far away is now here and I'm really nervous. Thing is, I'm not even sure why I'm so nervous. Maybe it

Have Some Work Done: Blog Header Design

I got so busy there for a while, I stopped doing blog headers.It seems like all of the blog designers are slammed with waiting lists right now, so if you just want a fast update and new look by updating your header, e-mail me and I can create you something. I'm only taking orders for Blogger templates at this time. Here are some samples of my work. E-mail me at for more information! Prices start at $30 for a new header!

Mad Men: Vote for Dapper Don Quick request from you guys if you have a sec - please go online and vote for my friend Jeff to be able to attend a taping of Mad Men. He's an actual Mad Man and has done some wonderful creative work for me and my company - and you have to admit, his picture is fabulous. You don't even have to register to vote, just click once and you're done! Direct link: You can vote once everyday till Sept.:

The Original Poof

Remember the original poof? The bang flower, that sat like a crown upon your head, dusted with Aqua Net hairspray and immovable by wind - or any force of nature, for that matter. It could withstand dance recitals, drill team practice and riding in cars with the top down. It could often be found alongside tuck and roll jeans, blue eyeshadow and your boyfriend's class ring. A by-product of this creation included bathroom walls and floors covered with a layer of spray, virtually impenetrable by Soft Scrub. My mother used to tell me it was too much, too big and too stiff. Should have listened to my mom, then I wouldn't have senior pictures like this one, still displayed publicly in my grandparents house. Every time my husband sees this picture, he just shakes he head and says, "Whoa. Now that's some big hair."

So You Have A Toddler

As I was sorting through Walker's closet this weekend, I thought I'd do a blog post on good items to have when your little one is transitioning from baby to toddler. I know that a lot of my online friends have babies turning one this year, so hopefully there are some tips here you can use! And please feel free to add more ideas and tips in the comments area for others to see. You'll see that most of these are tailored to boys - cause I have a boy of course! I know there are great things out there for girls, but I don't live in that world at all! First up, The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers . I'm sure you've read The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and there's even one for the first year I think, but this one is really good as well. Once they become toddlers, they start to really grow into their personalities, which makes for some frustrating times as a mom. This book lets you know you're not alone and that most of the stuff your toddler is do

My Own Very Tray Chic!

So you may remember this post about the tray trend popping up in stores and design blogs, etc. In a fabulous twist of fate, when perusing the local Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store, I found a fabulous wooden tray for $5.00. I knew I could slap this sucker into some serious cuteness pretty quick and on the cheap, so I enlisted the help of my assistant and we got to work. A can of spray paint, a little added texture with some sandpaper, and we were done! Total project cost: $9.00 and very little manual labor involved. I think it looks so pretty on my orange coffee table in our family room and gives the room another fun pop of color! (I'm really into color these days). I've decided I never need to buy retail again with all of the fun stuff available at thrift shops, flea markets and reuse shops. And of course, don't forget Craig's list! What about you guys? Have any good flea market finds from the weekend? Does it bother you that the tray is not completely ce

Five From Forty

Today is my 35th birthday! I woke up with a yucky headache, hoping that wasn't a preview of what my later thirties have in store for me. Before 8:00 the phone rang several times, my husband (already at work), my mom and my dad wishing me a happy day. Walker woke up singing happy birthday to me and we celebrated last night by baking a cake, so naturally we both had to have it for breakfast. He ran into preschool this morning telling his teachers and friends it was my birthday so I got wonderful wishes from them all. My Facebook page and Twitter account filled up with wonderful wishes from friends and family. (I think one of the best reasons to use Facebook is you never miss a friend's birthday) My creative agency left me a present in my office chair. A really cool stack of colorful paper, some embossing stencils and a little embossing tool. They know me so well. I spent time this morning playing with it at my desk instead of diving into work. It's OK, it's my birth

Beach Bum

We traveled to the beach over July 4th weekend and for the first time since Walker was born, I actually went all of the way in the water! The water was so beautiful and blue and clean! I couldn't help but thank of those beaches effected by the oil spill and how many people's vacations were ruined because of the conditions. And the really excited thing - Walker finally wanted to spend all day on the beach! Up until this trip, he's always wanted to stay at the pool and play, but this time, he really got into finding sand fiddlers on the beach, searching for tiny clams and jumping the waves. I taught him how to make a drip sand castle and we dug a hole deep enough for him to stand in. He and his cousin played and played and then they would go take a dip in the pool for a little while and want to go back on the beach. This morning he woke up and said, "Mommie, I want to go back to the beach." And I said, " Me too." Usually he can't wait to get home b

Prints for the Gulf & A Giveaway

New in my etsy shop , Prints for the Gulf! Four lucky commenters will receive a free download in the color of their choice! Downloadable 8.5 x 11 file that features two 5 x 7 prints that read "Until the Coast is Clear" and "One Love One Ocean". You will be sent the PDF file to download and cut on your own to frame as you choose. For each downloadable file sold, two dollars will go to benefit the Alabama Coastal Foundation.   Please indicate which color you would like when placing order. Turquoise Orange Green Pink

Questions Answered

So I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted the "Just Ask" entry, and I'm sorry I haven't answered questions yet, but I'm on it now. Honestly, I had to think about some of these questions because I didn't have answers to everything like - where do you see yourself in ten years? Submitted by my friend Katy . And Katy you know exactly how I'm gonna answer that one - hopefully in Southern Village in Chapel Hill!!!! Although I love my town of Durham, I do not love the public school system and my little guy is starting private school in August. With what we're paying for private school, we could move to Chapel Hill, live in a newer house, and go to public school.  And the whole idea of living in Chapel Hill is just amazing in itself. To be surrounded by Carolina blue and UNC fans day in and out, that would be awesome. Why wait? I'm getting all our bills paid off first - everything. We no longer use credit cards and I'm trying to s

Retail Remembers my Birthday

I love signing up for in-store clubs for my favorite places to shop. Unlike some of my friends, they even remember my birthday (without a reminder from Facebook). Last year I signed up for the Anthro club and this cute little surprise arrived in the mail for me yesterday to celebrate my birthday. It's a little rope necklace with a tiny candle on it along with a 15% off coupon at Anthropologie. Of course the discount is awesome, but I think the packaging and the card itself is pretty fabulous too.  I think Sephora has one of the best rewards programs, with their fun free samples and products you can pick with your points. Another great plus to their program is when your birthday comes around, you get a free gift. Last year I got three sticky lip-gloss colors that I still use now. This year, it's a fun eye kit. I'm definitely going to pick this up in the store this weekend! Know of any other great programs that send you special stuff for your birthday? Tell me now

Birthday Month!!

Yeah, it's my birthday month again! I love birthdays and this year I'm going to be 35!!! A couple of months ago I was feeling stressed about turning 35, but the closer I get to it, the more OK with it I seem to be. It just seems like a milestone birthday or something to me - like everything goes downhill from there....but I'm hoping that's not true! So, of course, I had to put together a wish list of things I'd love to receive for my birthday. Someone please tell my husband to read my blog!!! First up, the print that inspired my plan for my downstairs family room. Chuck Taylors in Blue (Size 9 by the way) The Capri Blue jar candle from Anthropologie. Have you ever smelled these things? If you've ever been in an Anthropologie store you surely have. They are heavenly. This fabulous printer to print items in my Etsy shop and invitations, special order requests I'm starting to get from friends and family! So what about you other Cancers o

Au Natural

This weekend I will wear very little makeup keep my hair in braids and live in my bathing suit. Kinda like I did last weekend. But nobody looks at me anyway when I have that little cutie beside me. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Be safe!

Day of Blog Silence for Cohen