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The Original Poof

Remember the original poof?

The bang flower, that sat like a crown upon your head, dusted with Aqua Net hairspray and immovable by wind - or any force of nature, for that matter. It could withstand dance recitals, drill team practice and riding in cars with the top down.

It could often be found alongside tuck and roll jeans, blue eyeshadow and your boyfriend's class ring.

A by-product of this creation included bathroom walls and floors covered with a layer of spray, virtually impenetrable by Soft Scrub.

My mother used to tell me it was too much, too big and too stiff. Should have listened to my mom, then I wouldn't have senior pictures like this one, still displayed publicly in my grandparents house.

Every time my husband sees this picture, he just shakes he head and says, "Whoa. Now that's some big hair."


  1. I love this! Every time my husband sees pictures of me from 'that era'..he always mentions how BIG my hair was. Ahh...the memories :)

  2. I LOVE this picture of you - and your hair! We were fans of "Aqua Net" - and man did it hold - our bangs could be set to a 90 degree angle on our forhead for an entire day! There was nobody running their fingers through my hair!

  3. I LOVE it!!!!! I have similar pictures. Our spray of choice on the cheerleading squad was Rave #4! I would hold my hair out from my ear, spray and then hit it with the hairdryer! Talk about impenetrable! Thank goodness it didn't all break off in chunks! Great post!

  4. You look great and your hair looks fantastic! HA!

  5. That's awesome, I rocked the big hair too !

  6. I love it! haha. you look SO pretty! you must have had to fight all of the boys off (or your parents had to :))!

  7. (Insert sigh here). I kinda miss the days of big hair. How can you be Southern and not? And it sure beats the alternative...thinning hair.

  8. LOVE IT! One of the best things my mom ever did for my sister and I was refuse to let us cut our hair into bangs (we had terrible cowlicks). At the time I was so upset with her, but now I also don't have any incriminating photos!

  9. I think we should start a movement to bring back big hair!!! I love big hair and honestly think I looked BETTER with big hair...


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