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We've Gone Green!!!!

I know the green movement is huge right now and I'm a big believer in global warming. If you've never seen An Inconvenient Truth , you need to, because it's hard to argue with those facts. Of course I recycle, cut back on water use and use environmentally-friendly products, but some other basic changes I've made include: Composting - we've just started this process in our house and my son is so excited we are going to be making dirt (see pic)! Of course, he doesn't quite understand what having to wait a "long time" means. He likes to check the composter every day to see if we have dirt yet. It's a pretty easy process and kinda fun actually. You can find lots of resources on the net about how to compost, but I got my original idea from the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano . It has some great ideas of how to make your life more green, the girly way! I've changed the lightbulbs in my house to compact flourescent bulbs . They are actually

Come On Get Happi with Happikins™

One of my girlfriends is a fabulous entrepreneur with several successful businesses under her belt. Her most recent endeavor reaches past general consumerism and takes a creative and fun approach to the impact we make on the environment. Meet Happikins : There are 18,760 pounds of unnecessary lunchtime waste generated by the average elementary school each year. Paper napkins contribute to this waste — and they're also a drain on expenses. Did you know most kids use $200 worth of paper napkins a year? Happikins are reusable cloth napkins designed specifically for kids. They can even be used as place mats for children who have food allergies. Happikins ™ are a fun and easy way to teach your child the importance of making smart environmental choices. Oh, and wiping the crud off the corners of their mouths. You can choose from 3 sets of Happikins: Each set of Happikins comes with five napkins and a durable pouch that makes a nice home for the napkins and fits nicely in a lunchb

Designer Bag vs. Designer Bottle

Is it horrible that I am obsessing over this bag? I came across it in Orla Kiely's fall 2008 advertising campaign on Oh Joy , but you can't find it anywhere online. I finally tracked it down via Twig and they can order it for me at the bargain price of $725 (that's sarcasm by the way). I cannot in good conscience EVER pay this much for a bag no matter how beautiful it is, so I'm just going to have to stare at the picture and think of the multitude of other things I can do with this money...sigh... But, I CAN afford a design water bottle - the " wottle " - developed by Orla Kiely and Brita. It's the first "designer" water bottle ever developed. Guess I can get my Orla fill this way, and still be able to pay my mortgage.

My Pretty Pooch

Meet "I Love Lucy" (Aka Lulu). Lulu is now 8 months old and is starting to calm down a bit, but I thought I'd recap some of the wonderful lessons I've learned having a puppy in the house (for the first time ever). I grew up in the country where all dogs are kept in the yard or a pen, so I had a lot to learn. 1. Never feed your puppy grapes . Evidently, they make them very sick and can cost you $850 in vet fees. Lulu spent an entire day at the vet with an IV under constant observation and my hubby spent two days home from work watching her every move. I had no idea that grapes can be deadly toxins to puppies and at the time, didn't even realize what caused the problem. Now I know that when I watched in amazement at how much my puppy loved grapes the night before the vet trip, I really was making a stupid move. 2. Don't purchase a soft-sided crazy-expensive crate - just go for the metal prison-like one. I thought I was being all cool buying this high-tech, c

A Southern Stance on Undergarments

I was tugging on my slip-spanks-like-sucker-in-thingy this morning and complaining about it to a friend and co-worker of mine about how I hate wearing these things and she said to me, "Well why do you have it on?" I look at her and say in the sweetest southern accent I can achieve, "Well, every southern girl knows you can't wear a dress out of the house without the proper undergarments." She's from New Jersey and just gave me a strange look and shrugged her shoulders. I remember my mother would NEVER let me go to church without a slip under my dress even though in my teenage/college years I tried to be a rebel. Our little conversation reminded me of a Daily Candy e-mail I got a couple of weeks ago about "Your Slip is Showing", a c ompany that sells these gorgeous things that would be hard to cover with a dress (see pic)! Pricey, but beautiful. I could probably figure out how to sew a couple of these myself, if I could sew.

Fall Trend You Think You Hate, But You Don't: Booties & Oxford Heels

I've been watching the new fall trends in the magazines and the shoeboot/bootie and oxford heel is a trend that definitely has me intrigued. I've always loved chunky, fun and eccentric shoes, so I know this is something I've gotta try. Booties especially are such a dramatic look, I did some research online for how to be a funky fashionista in booties and here are some suggestions for how to successfully pull off this look: - worn best with long tunic tops and skinny jeans and short dresses and tights - also look great with the new menswear look popular this fall - tailor pants and vests - if you have thick ankles or wide calves go for a style that is not too chunky or dainty - don't hide them under long dresses or baggy pants - these shoes are to be noticed! Here are a couple I think are fun enough to still feel fresh, but aren't too much for the office or date night/girl's night out. Tory Burch 'Whitney' Bootie Pura Lopez 'N255' Oxford Be

Pink Speed Bumps!

I came across this online and thought it was too cool not to pass along! There are all kinds of breast awareness campaigns out there (I'm a bit tired of pink candles and lotion) , but this one really is creative and the article below references an actual increase in awareness from the campaign! Creative and effective - a marketer's dream! Pink Speed Bumps - Guerilla Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign (GALLERY) [TRENDHUNTER] This is a truly unique and creative campaign to raise awareness about breast check-ups. Taiba Hospital in Kuwait commissioned the JWT ad agency to come up with a strategy to increase awareness of self breast exams. Since breast cancer is a sensitive topic in a conservative Muslim country like Kuwait, JWT wanted to convey the message in a subtle and light way that would encourage women to have a breast check-up. Executive creative director Mazen Fayad and art director Rawad El Dahouk came up with a campaign that draws a parallel between the bumps felt on bre

My Morning in Numbers

60: Number of minutes I woke up before my scheduled morning nudge from my husband 30: Amount of time spent on elliptical this morning as result of not being able to go back to sleep 10: Minutes spent cuddling with my little man and LuLu the dog before jumping in the shower 2: Times I washed my hair just because I wanted to and I love the smell of my shampoo 0: Number of cavities at my son's first dentist appointment (Yeah!) 163: Cost of said dentist appointment 38: Count of e-mails in my in-box by 10:00 am this morning 4: Required meetings to attend via phone or in person before and during lunch today 8: Minutes I've been waiting to start a conference call that no one has showed up for yet...

(TAG) Six UN-Spectacular Things About Me . . .

I received a tag last week from Another Online Mom and I'm just now getting a chance to think about six un-spectacular things about me...I mean, do I really want to make these things public? Hee hee... Here's the rules: Link the person who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged. 1. I love the Bee Gees and have like 30 of their songs on my iTunes. What can I say - one can never get Too Much Heaven - You should be dancing too. Just keeps me Stayin Alive. 2. I hate pumping gas in my car. In my hometown, we had a place that had an attendant that did it for you and not until I went to college did I once pump my own gas. 3. I love having an only child and hate it when people ask me why I'm only having one. It's my choice, let it go. 4. I will argue with a wall - according to my husband

Hey Halloween!

Can you believe we are halfway through August already? I am shocked at how fast the summer has flown! Which only means that fall is on its way and I can't wait! Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of the air, the cool, mosquito-free nights and the excitement that builds with anticipation of upcoming holidays. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays - my sister and I are both Halloween freaks - and I've gradually added to my Halloween home decor to the point that I now have a "Halloween decorations" box that sits right beside the Christmas stuff. While checking out the Halloween goodies at Michael's yesterday (yes, it's already out) I came across Martha's (you know who I'm talking about) 2008 Halloween collection and picked up some great items. I've decided to add to my growing box of Halloween decor by putting together a themed Halloween mantle this year. I'm even contemplating a party, but still undecided on

This Is Not Your Grandmother's Apron...

If the lure of deelish cupcakes isn't reason enough to bake (yes, another cupcake reference), how about trying on an adorable apron for size? I'm seeing them pop up everywhere lately, in adorable fabrics, cute trimmings and bright colors. I was in Anthropologie in NYC last weekend and snapped this pic of a whole wall of aprons. You choose from no less than 64 fabulously cute and stylish aprons online here . Also, stopped into Michael's today while waiting for LuLu the pup to finish her salon appointment at Petco , and came across this great book on aprons, with fabulous patterns and ideas for making your own: A is for Apron: 25 Fresh and Flirty Designs . The apron is definitely making a comeback!

I Much Prefer Cartier...

While in NYC, we had to hit the shops on 5th Avenue, and after some extensive window shopping, I've decided I'm much more of a Cartier girl vs. Tiffany's. Just remember that next time you go to purchase me diamonds. :-) But really, I had my first (yes I had two) encounter with a celebrity while in NY in Cartier. I was walking through the shop, drooling over diamonds and Cartier watches (which, by the way, you can buy great imposters for ten dollar on Canal Street) and I see this extremely tall man with a diamond panther ring on the end of his finger. I knew it had to be some famous basketball player, so I casually strode up beside him, tilted my head up and saw Patrick Ewing. He was saying to the sales lady, "and people actually wear these things?" Then I casually stepped back and ran to find my neice who was on a mission to see someone famous while in the city. We found him back in the front room trying on a huge diamond-encrusted watch. Wow. And all I want is

Take me to New York...Take me to Broadway

Here are a couple of great pics from the "giggle girls" I went to NYC with this weekend. They are my neices and they can't take a bad picture. I don't think I've laughed or heard so much laughter in an extremely long time. We caught a limo back from dinner at Novita's and jammed to Estelle's/Kanye's American Boy - it was very fitting.

Omigod You Guys!

I'm back from NYC and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. So much fun, in fact, I developed a horrible cold on the last day that has knocked me for a loop. I wonder how much cold medicine is too much? So, this week's postings will be all about NYC. We did so much and I have so much to talk about but I don't want to bore you with one long entry about the entire trip. We got to see Bailey Hanks in Legally Blonde the Musical Sunday, and she was wonderful. I actually caught a couple of episodes of the MTV special " The Search for Elle Woods " and was so glad she won. She was excellent as Elle and I'm still singing the songs in my head! If you're looking for a fresh and fun show to see while in the city and need something that appeals to all ages, I highly recommend this show! The show was actually right beside our hotel, The DoubleTree Suites in Times Square , which was a wonderful, contemporary, newly remodeled, fantastic spot to be in NYC. I would highly recommend it

Hi There, Me Again!

I am still alive! It's been almost a week since I've posted, and not because I haven't had things to say, simply because life has been hectic and by the time I drop into bed at night, it's all I can do to see what my friends are up to on Facebook , post some comments and watch my soaps I DVR during the day. It probably wouldn't be wise for me to post this late at night anyway, as nothing would come out right. I'd probably start writing about Reva and Josh or something and totally lose you. So what have I been up to? Lots of freelance work for Mrs. Kettlebell , a quick mini vaca with my sis and nephews at the lake at a luxury condo my uncle rented for the summer (fun!) and lots and lots of meetings at work. Oh, and planning for my upcoming weekend getaway to NYC!!!! I'm also working on an inspiration board for a back-to-school party right now and hope to post that soon. My girlfriend Penelope works for this great party-planning site called MyPunchbowl .c

Friday Fun!

"To You" Walt Whitman Here's a little something I made on Wordle , inspired by one of my favorite poems. Have you tried this thing out? It's so cool. Happy weekend y'all!