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How Shall I Ever Choose...

My friend Corey recently took some pics of Walker in downtown Durham. It was a hot an sticky day, but we had a blast. It was the first professional photo session Walker had experienced since he was three. You'd think he'd be used to having a camera in his face with me as his mom, but it took him a little while to come out of his shell and open up. I was worried that Corey wasn't getting any shots because he wouldn't look at the camera, but I should have known with her talent, she'd get the shot. In fact, she got so many great shots, I don't know how I'll pick! She's met Walker before, but never spent an extensive amount of time with him, but her description on her blog post about the session nailed him "...super super spunky, have a million faces and love to laugh. Wendy, her husband Mike, and I took Walker downtown to get some shots.  Her goal was some fun photos of him and boy did we have fun.  This guy is full of vim and vigor.  I’ll save m

Pinnable Me Friday: A Parent's Promise

I’m linking up with Stefanie from Paw Prints and Pastry Bags  again this week for Pinnable Me Friday! For me, this just says it all! This is exactly the kind of parent I strive to be. I'm seriously thinking about ordering one of these and putting it in Walker's room. He can't quite read it yet, but it will be ever-present in his mind. Too much? Nah... Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Nordstrom Deal: Rainbow of Cardigans!

Just had to tell you guys really quick about a great find I came across last night at Nordstrom. This awesome slub knit cardigan in tons of colors is only $29 and it looks great dressed up or down! I picked up one in the mustard color (I prefer to call it Sunshine) and I'm seriously contemplating picking up a couple more in some other fun colors! Get them while the gettin is good (as they say in the South!)

Jewelry Organization and What Not

I'm sad to say that my homemade jewelry board has officially seen its last days. Way back (two years ago actually), I created this jewelry board to provide some sort of order to all of my sparkle and stuff. It was a great place to hang my earrings and necklaces and the first place I went when I walked in the door at night to hang everything on when I changed into my comfy clothes. Two days ago, the hanger broke off and it came crashing to the floor, and almost everything fell off. I'm taking that as a sign to create something new! Mike and I have separate vanity areas, but neither are very large, so there's not a lot of counter space. The drawers are also pretty small, so the best solution for me is to find a way to use the wall space in the area.  My goal isn't "Wall-O-Jewelry" so I want it to be fairly compact and not cover a huge space. So, I hit up the Internet for some inspiration. You can check out more ideas on my Pinterest Board too . What do

The Trouble With Money

                                                                                                        Source: via Dalia on Pinterest A Friday vent for you all. The trouble with money is the more you have of it, the more you want and typically, the less you have of it, the more you need it. Our society seems obsessed with it and it’s not just a recent thing of course, but the older I get, the more I think about it.   I just read this morning that now China’s economy is in trouble, Greece is having all kinds of problems and of course the US has been struggling for years. What brought us to this point? I’m sure everyone has their opinion but if we could just be happy with what we have for just a little while instead of always wanting more, it could certainly help. But of course then there’s that fine line of if we don’t spend, the economy doesn’t grow, and on and on. I just think of all the people around me that are constantly thinking about their next home or their

Working Mom Worries: Summertime

Having a child in daycare comes with perks. You always have somewhere to take you child, even in the summer. From seven to six, you know you've got backup. And what a great feeling that is when you're a working mom. So, as kindergarten started last year, the looming question started nagging at my head. What is Walker going to do in the summer? How am I going to be able to find the best camps? How am I going to be able to afford said camps when I'm already paying tons of cash for private school? Will the office understand I may need a little flex in my schedule? How much time can we spend at the beach (and still have a job)? I reached out to some local moms who had been there, done that and knew the best camps. I also reached out to some moms that didn't really understand my plight because they stayed at home and didn't really have to send their kids to camp unless they just wanted to get them out of the house. But this was a necessity for me, to put together a

July Already?

We're halfway through the year, halfway to Christmas if you think about it. July is when summer truly kicks in, and also my birthday month. It's the one month not touched by school (if you on a traditional calendar) and growing up July was truly summer to me. My birthday, the 16th of July, was the high point of the year, everything else rolled downhill into back-to-school shopping, chilly fall nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. We spent last week at the beach, and I unplugged, as I often do when I'm on vacay, so I missed some blog posts and some Twitter happenings, but I'll be plugged back in today. But I'm glad to be back, into a routine, into my own bed and into the swing of things. Although this was a pretty great day... So up this week - it's my birthday (I think I said this already, did I? It's birthday week actually.), boss is in town at work, photo session for my little guy with one of my fave local photographers and sweet frien

If I Were A Princess....

I'd wear this on my visit to Canada too...  Kate and Pippa certainly can rock the nude tights look.  Also, when do you think she last ate? Maybe she's too friggin nervous and busy to find time to eat. I think if the world was watching my every move, I'd probably be able to stay away from the Famous Amous cookies too. Maybe.