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Questions Answered

So I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted the "Just Ask" entry, and I'm sorry I haven't answered questions yet, but I'm on it now.

Honestly, I had to think about some of these questions because I didn't have answers to everything like - where do you see yourself in ten years? Submitted by my friend Katy.

And Katy you know exactly how I'm gonna answer that one - hopefully in Southern Village in Chapel Hill!!!! Although I love my town of Durham, I do not love the public school system and my little guy is starting private school in August. With what we're paying for private school, we could move to Chapel Hill, live in a newer house, and go to public school.  And the whole idea of living in Chapel Hill is just amazing in itself. To be surrounded by Carolina blue and UNC fans day in and out, that would be awesome.

Why wait? I'm getting all our bills paid off first - everything. We no longer use credit cards and I'm trying to save, save, save. With the exception of the house, we'll be debt-free in just a couple of years and by then I may have actually convinced my husband to move to enemy territory (he's a Dukie).And I hope I'll still be at the same company, because I just got a new job at my company through a reorganization of our group - now I'm handling corporate marketing special projects, and I'm kinda excited about that!

Then my sweet friend Erin from Blue-Eyed Bride asked:

You are so talented and so creative in quite a lot of areas. How did you get into graphic design and art? And I think you're quite the great photographer! Did you always know this was something you wanted to try?

What is your dream job?

If a song played every time you walked into a room-- your entrance song-- what would the song be? 

Ok, so I've always been into art and loved making things. I won a drawing contest at our local department store when I was little when I drew a picture of my dad sleeping in his recliner. Throughout my teen years, I didn't really do too much with it because I was too busy with boyfriends and dance and drill team.

I took a couple of art classes at UNC and loved them, but didn't really start playing around until I graduated. On any certain day, you'd find me spending my paycheck at Michaels, buying stuff I didn't need just to make something I wouldn't use.

Then as my career in marketing progressed, I got to use my design skills in my career and expand my knowledge with classes, etc. and I just keep playing with it. I actually even have an advanced-level Illustrator class I'm taking for work tomorrow and can't wait!

The photography piece came probably when my son was born. I've always loved taking pics, but people would tell me my photos of Walker were good, then I'd keep buying the coolest camera on the market to make my pics better, and on and on. Then I invested in my SLR and my neighbor, who is a fabulous photographer, has given me lots of great tips. From there I've just read a lot, taking a million pictures, and used my graphic skills in Photoshop to make them look how I want.

Ok, my dream job would probably be an event planner. I know that's what everyone says, but I really love it. I used to be on the event management team at a major telecom company and we sponsored an Indy race-car driver. We went all over the country and Canada throwing parties and doing events for clients and analysts and it was awesome. We also handled the annual sales meeting each year and it was so over the top, you wouldn't believe the budget we had. We would rent out entire restaurants, put together a sailing regatta off the coast of Seattle, WA for our sales team, rented out yachts to take clients to places, stayed a week in BC Canada doing fabulous events under beautiful white tents with candles, floral, fans and tiny white lights. It was awesome.

It is very hard work too, and it required a lot of travel. But when Walker grows up, I think it would be a fun kind of job to have again.

And the song that would play when I walk into a room, that's easy: 32 Flavors Cover by Alana Davis: I am what I am, I'm 32 flavors and then some!


  1. My Mr. Sandy Toes is from NC...go through Chapel Hill all the time...his aunts and cousins live there!

    It is pretty!
    sandy toe

  2. I'd love to have a job similar to that Indy Car gig! I love event planning myself. :)

  3. just stumbled upon your sweet blog and now i'm your newest follower! looking forward to getting to know you! i was a graphic design school flunk-out so maybe i can live vicariously thru you! xoxo, Kate

    p.s. feel free to visit me anytime over at southern belle simple!

  4. Wendy, I've enjoyed this so much!
    XO A


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