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The Oscars: 2011 Photoshop Fashion

2011 Oscars - not so hip, not so young. Was really cheering for Anne and James to make it happen this year, but seems like Anne was the only one present. James was worrying about his homework and exams and Twitter and stuff. He even skipped the post-Oscar party he was hosting to jump on a plane back to Harvard. I commend his commitment to his studies, but if you aren't willing to give it all at the Oscars, maybe you shouldn't have said yes to the gig.

Ok, enough of that. Let's get to the Photoshop magic...

I'm gonna start with JHud. Love her new figure, but would have actually liked to have seen less of it, if you know what I mean. Just a little more coverage would have made me like this look so much more. I do give her much credit for the color choice - looks great with her skin tone.

Before                                                                                    After

And here's Cate. Yes, she's known to wear some strange things on the carpet, but this one could have been done much softer and without the random yellow accents. That bib on the front was just weird. I could just see someone from Project Runway placing that bib thing on their mannequin and Tim Gunn coming in and saying "I'm not liking where this is going here." I like the color of the overall dress and the beading, but that was enough for me.

Before                                                                                            After

Pet peeve of mine is when women wear their dresses too low on their front. It always looks like they are about to loose their dress. Lifted Hillary's up a bit and gave her some more glam to go with this awesome dress - darker make-up, bigger earrings and a cool color for her purse. Subtle changes, big impact.

Before                                                                                      After

Nicole first of all looks better in color. Why did she wear white? And it looks like something from the 80s. Not a lot you can do with this, but I did soften it a bit and take off some of that tacky embellishment on the bottom. I know John Galliano is having some tough times, and you can tell it with this dress. I'm typically a fan of colored shoes (especially red) but I don't like them with this dress at all - cheapens the look for me.

Before                                                                                         After

Last but not least, there's Reese. I loved her hair and the touch of green with her earrings, but the dress looks like something I wore to the prom in high school. That white band - ughh. So, I took it off, gave the girl some more emerald bling, and I think it gives a much classier, current look.

Before                                                                                                      After
As you can see, most of these are minor changes that make huge differences. And I'm sure it's hard to get every single detail right every time and still not play it safe.

So what did you guys think of the Oscars and the fashion? Anyone blow you away? Agree or disagree with my take on the red carpet styles? Which after is your favorite?


  1. LOL, you should be a stylist because your looks were ALL so much better than the real ones! Great eye!!

  2. I love when you do these!! Your afters look great! I love all your touches (and retouches, hah ;))! :)

  3. This is too great! LOL your looks are SO much better! Love the photoshopping!

  4. I agree with all of them except Reese. I actually liked her look, although I DID think it was a little too reminiscent of Julia Roberts several years ago.

  5. HAHA, this is great! How funny that such minor changes can make that much of a difference

  6. Love this! Totally agree with JHud and Reese! Now, can you please fix all of my photos too?

  7. J-Hud should keep you on retainer!

  8. LOL - "James was worrying about his homework and exams and Twitter and stuff."
    I think this is your best digital dress rehab job yet!

  9. Wow, I didn't know you could do so much with photoshop! Does this mean you could fix my wedding picture that has glare on my husband's glasses?

  10. Love these changes! I think you are totally on the money with them. :)


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