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Not Afraid to Try Something New!

I am a marketer's dream. I see a new product and typically buy it or at least obsess over it until I can afford it. My mom is the same way - she loves to try anything new she comes across at the grocery store. It certainly keeps life interesting and you never know when you're going to find that one great product that stays with you forever. So to same you some time, I'm going to start posting some mini reviews of new items I try. They aren't always expensive - in most cases aren't - and that's what makes it so fun to try something new! So let's get started..

When Oprah premiered her first ever "things I love for summer" show, she included Cover Girl Lash Blast on her list. Now, I'm REALLY obsessive about mascara. Maybe it's because I have the wimpiest lashes in the world and I typically have to use three different kinds at one time to get them to show. I currently have like 10 different types of mascara in my makeup drawer from the very expensive to the cheap stuff, so I had to try this out if Oprah thought it was good enough to add to her list.

Overall, it's pretty good stuff. It's cheap, doesn't clump and goes on really well. It's got a chunky brush with lots of slick bristles that get to even the smallest lashes. It does not have a pointed end, it's rounded, so if you're one that likes to use the end to move your lashes around, don't go here. We all know these models have falsies on in the ads (see above) - there is no way you get this much curl from this mascara. If you want curl, you're gonna have to do it yourself and then apply the mascara. I've used others that will do the curl for you and worked much better than this in that aspect.

So, I give it a 7 out of 10. It isn't the best I've ever tried (that would be Mary Kay) but it's not a bad product for a drug store brand and it's an improvement on what Cover Girl has offered previously.


  1. Hi! Just found your blog from Sippycups ARE for Chardonnay - wondering what Mary Kay mascara is your favorite?

  2. I love this mascara... plus, the price is great! I too, have used everything from Mary Kay to Dior to now Cover Girl and this one is one of my favs.

  3. I'm a mascara freak, too. I have TINY so blonde they might as well be clear eyelashes. I put on one coat, wait for it to dry, put on another brand, let dry, curl again, put on another coat...and reapply maybe 3 times throught the day. It's sick. This MAY or may not be the reason ALL of my eyelashes fell out about 8 months ago. I'm a big fan of the bright green tube by maybelline....but only after it's about 2 weeks old. The drier a mascara is, the better it works.

  4. I just bought the CG brand and simply love it!!


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