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Curse of the Blackberry Pearl

Ok, I'm going to make some people mad here, but I need to get this off my chest. Why do stay-at-home-moms need a Blackberry? I mean, are kids social calendars so jam packed that you need to be in touch every second of every day? Do you need to be able to e-mail the PTA in case you get a great idea for a school fundraiser? I know, that's mean, sounds bitchy, but I just don't get it. Maybe someone reading this blog can clarify the need here and I will totally say, scuse me once I understand.

I personally would love to have a Blackberry, so maybe I'm just jealous. I think I would totally be addicted to it and would absolutely have to check it every time it dings. I mean, I have a full-time job, a kid, a freelance marketing and design business on the side and my blog - if I can do it without a Blackberry, others can too. Just saying. I am just so tired of people checking their Blackberry in my presence. When you're with me, with your kid, with whatever, be there - be present.


  1. First let me say that I really enjoy your blog! Typically, I don't feel compelled to respond to many of the post that I read, but I feel like I need to defend (for lack of a better word) the stay at home mother. In regards to the blackberry, it seems like you are discounting the "job" of a stay at home mom. While I am employed 3 days a week as a Registered Nurse, I will say that my days off seem to be my busiest. Have you taken into account that some of these "stay at home" mothers may be involved in volunteer work such as community clubs, civic organizations, church and their children's school? In my opinion, which doesn't count for much, one of the greatest advantages of a blackberry is the calender. I utilize the calender for appointments and reminders daily. Just because someone is not employed with a full-time job does not mean they are not "tied down" or committed to other projects. Once again, I really enjoy your blog and don't want to offend anyone, but I did want to give you a view from the "other" side.
    Have a great day.

  2. A lot of people have PDA's because texting messages to your family members is a LOT easier than calling...especially if a mother wants to send her husband a text to pick the kids up somewhere or pick up some things from the store and he can't answer the phone at work...she can send a message and be done with it. It's a lot easier to text with a PDA than a regular phone.
    I use the internet on my phone all the time to look up directions and phone numbers for stores and restaurants.
    I, on the other hand, never use the calendar..I prefer to write those things down but the other features are very useful when you're on the go....mother or not.

  3. I have to agree with you! I do agree that being a SAHM is a job, however we are all addicted to being too connected! We can leave the house and let our email stack up a bit as it will be there when we get home. And reading it in front of you??? Don't get me started on is just rude. I always feel like I do at the nail salon. Are they talking about me?

  4. I think it's everyone's perogative to have whatever they want to have. My pet peeve is ANYONE who checks or sends or answers emails on whatever device they have WHILE THEY ARE HAVING A "CONVERSATION" with me. Nothing makes me more nuts. SAHM, Work Outside of the Home Mom, Alien, I don't care who you are it is just SO rude!

    *stepping off my soapbox now*

  5. Just because someone "can" live w/o a Blackberry does not mean one has to live without one. I mean, really, it's not like they are that much more expensive than all of the other fancy cell phones that are available. Having a Blackberry or an iPhone (my personal choice) though does not mean that you get to rudely check it while conversing with people in person, etc. But the two things - having a fancy phone, and being rude, do not need to go hand and hand and I am proof of that. I am a polite fancy cell phone user.

  6. Love the Blog! I am not a stay at home mom, but I did just get a blackberry. And I have to say its a bit addictive, even though I have no clue how to use it correctly (maybe thats what they're doing....figuring out how to make a call!) and I have caught myself out and about and "checking" it to see if I have an email, message or what have you...And I know its so rude (because I have criticized others for doing it as well) so I guess I will just have to be more aware! That's why they call it a crackberry I guess!

  7. I think most people just want the latest, greatest thing. Some even view being always connected and busy as a kind of status symbol.

    Way to go Southern Accent for taking on a topic that could make some people grouchy! I love it!

  8. I agree that it sounds like you are discrediting the role of a stay at home mom in the beginning. Some stay at home moms are busier than working ones.

    I think the calendar and internet is where most people use it. I second that it is rude to check it while in a conversation.

    I think I need one and I am considered a stay at home mom but both kids are in school during the day. But other than them being in school, we help run 2 businesses, kids play soccer in 2 different leagues, I coach soccer, hubby works odd scheduled jobs, we have both boy and girl scouts, and that is just the immediate stuff. That doesn't include all the volunteer, church, school (like PTA), or committee things we help with. It is needed for some moms too. :)

  9. Ha ha, all I could think about initially is how long’s it going to take to get the stain out of those fingernails. Then I read the post and completely appreciated the great photo. I HATE when cell phones and bb's are used anywhere but in private. I get many email replies via bb's and they are more often than not jumbled messes. As for jelousy, I understand. I want a laptop so bad I could cry. Then surely I would never see my family or friends again.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, your comment made my day.

    I have enjoyed looking around on yours too!



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