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Trying Not to Be a Hater...

But...hate her!!!!! Look at those abs - maybe she's really airbrushed...How do you look like this after three kids?


  1. Ugh, hate her too. Heck if you can figure out how to look like that after one kid, let me know. I've been trying to 12 yrs to come anywhere close to that with no success.

  2. for my sanity and health I will believe she has been seriously airbrushed :)

  3. i am also voting for airbrushed or else there is no hope for me

  4. Me think-eth there is some airbrushing going on there.

  5. I hate her for her body and all the Housewives of Atlanta I watched last night for their zillions of dollars and the fact they claim they are "so busy" that they need maids, cooks, nanny's, hairstylists, makeup artists, etc. *sigh*

  6. Isn't it wild?!? She is 41!!!!

  7. This is not good for self-esteem ;)

  8. WOW WOW WOW~!

    By the way, love your blog..if you would like an invite to mine send me your email address to

  9. Ha wow! I'm going with airbrushed just to make myself feel better :)

  10. I don't think that's her body!
    Bet I'm right but we'll never know.
    At 71 I've seen alot of bodies!

  11. My guess would be that it might have a lot to do with a personal trainer and time to actually do everything that the personal trainer wants a person to do. Probably a nanny or two, a personal assistant and possibly a personal chef.

  12. Please God, let her be airbrushed. This is the only miracle I am asking for today. Please let her have celluite. Please. :-)

  13. i saw this earlier today and emailed it to all my coworkers. what is going on??? puke!

  14. I'm agreeing with Belle...personal trainer, personal chef to watch what you put in your mouth, ability to work out 4 hrs a day or maybe just two...seen pics of Madonna lately? She looks majorly haggard.

    Besides, she's said a few things in the last few years (and her hubby) that really annoyed me, to say the least, and I thought, fine, don't need to listen to you...and his music has gotten SOOOO whiney that I refuse to listen to it...and, being an Army mom...I turn off the radio when his newest one comes on.


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