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Fall Television: Who Goes and Who Stays?

We are now about a month into the new fall lineup for television, and I've already got one or two new faves, but there certainly seems to be a lot of "who in the world ever thought this show would make it" out there as well.

I've actually watched The Good Wife three times, and I'm rooting for Julianna Margulies to kick that little twerp's butt she is working with. I also can't stand the fact that Mr. Big is a bad guy in this show, but I'm into it nonetheless.

On a similar note, last night my little guy said to me, "mommie, is that dancing show on tonight, not the stars one, but the one with Kat - the so you can dance one?" He loves some Kat. He has actually gotten to the point he can tell who is going to get a ticket and who will go to choreography. Hey, I'm raising a well-rounded child.

Here's a list of all of the new shows. I will have to say I've only caught a couple of them. Love GLEE, tired of the hospital dramas (you CANNOT compete with Grey's) and can't get into another show that makes my head hurt to watch (Flashforward vs. Lost). I watched Cougar Town one time and it was ok. I've heard Modern Family is pretty good, but haven't caught it yet.

The CW's Beautiful Life has already been cancelled- wonder who will be the next DOA!!!

Cougar Town
The Forgotten
The Middle
Modern Family

Accidentally on Purpose
The Good Wife
NCIS: Los Angeles
Three Rivers

The Beautiful Life
Melrose Place
Vampire Diaries

The Cleveland Show

The Jay Leno Show


  1. Everyone seems to be raving about Glee. NOT IMPRESSED. I actually had it DVR'd prior to to start of the season.. and I was disappointed. It is sooo obvious that no one is really singing.. and that is a bummer. I was hoping it would be a good musical comedy.. but it's not.

    In the summer, Hawthorne premiered.. I was super excited about it.. but it just didnt do it for me.. as a nurse. However, Mercy premiered last week and I loved it. A Must watch!

  2. I haven't seen too many of these yet. I do like 'The Good Wife' & I agree about her co-worker and Chris Noth.

    I have also watched 'Accidentally on Purpose'. I love good sit-coms & have enjoyed this alot so far. It's in a good time slot so we'll see what happens.


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