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I passed an old pizza place my college boyfriend and I used to go at least once a week this weekend. It's been thirteen years, but my mind reached far back and I could see the two of us sitting there in the front booth, eating a large cheese pizza in front of the big-screen TV, watching ESPN.

Then I felt sad just for a bit because of the way it all turned out. I think it's ok to mourn the death of what we had and and in no way is it a reflection of the feelings I have now for my husband. I was crushed - devastated (I'm talking Bella in New Moon) when he broke it off after three years. He was my first love and I guess it's true you always keep a little tiny place in your mind for these memories.

But I know now it was for the best. I spent my senior year single and found my forever best friend, got a tattoo (with said best friend) and partied a bit (sorry mom) with that same best friend. (That same best friend that's headed to LA with me in less than two weeks!!!)

I was single for four years, found myself, found my career, then found my sweet hubs - who "did not want a relationship" but couldn't say no to me.

Isn't it strange how these memories kinda pop up out of nowhere sometimes and they just kinda throw you back for a minute? Do guys experience these same kind of feelings, or is it just us emotional gals?


  1. Fantastic post! SO true!!! Life can take you in unexpected and difficult directions, but it's fascinating the way things turn out!

  2. I agree! Random things always spark random events!

  3. So's great to relive old memories, both for the nostalgia and the lessons learned. Everything happens for a reason!

  4. i commented over at c-jane and i'd love the more flies with honey print

  5. Absolutely! always makes me so thankful I am who and where I am today :)


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