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Another Crazy Puppy Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on the crazy puppy, so thought it was about time to journal our latest events in puppy parenting.

Lucy will be two in December, and we are starting to see small (minuscule, tiny) traces of maturity in her. She is still peeing in her room, so the dog trainer said to keep her in her crate when we're not there. She actually used to hate this thing, but now she goes into it very easily and seems to not mind. She and the little guy are also getting closer, we'll find them cuddling together now and then. He talks to her in this cute little baby voice that makes me smile.


I officially ripped up the carpet in her room one night a couple of weeks ago, in a fit of rage. I just couldn't take one more evening of steam-cleaning carpets with little success. I've gotten quotes for hardwoods, but still waiting on little-miss-hyper to calm down a bit so she won't rip the floors open with her claws. I've decided to convert this room from a guest room to a office/study with a fold-out couch. We never really have guests anyway because most of our family lives close-by, so it really has become the dog's room lately and that's just silly. In the meantime, I'm just keeping the door closed so no one can see the mess, but I'll show you guys...


P.S. Speaking of dogs, check our Burger's new blog, from the cute couple behind Young House Love!


  1. Awwww. I have grown up with goldens. My fave. So adorable- it makes me grind my teeth! Is that weird?

  2. My goldens are just over 2 years old and we still crate them when we are not home (which is almost never). They do love the crates. It probably makes her feel secure. When dogs were in the wild they had dens so this is her den and she's probably lovin it.

    Re: flooring, we went with hand scraped hardwood flooring because it's already distressed. Dog marks are not noticable at ALL! It's the best thing we ever did, in the way of flooring that is.

    Good luck with her. She's a beauty.

  3. What a beautiful picture of her!
    Her face is so precious :)

    That room is very nice.
    Yes, having pets and carpets do not match!

  4. She is so pretty. I love Goldens....

  5. Thanks for sharing your mess. It makes the rest of us real people feel better to know we are not alone. I do love Goldens... they are so pretty.


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