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Chocolate Bacon and Chickens

Where else would you find both chocolate-dipped bacon and chickens but the good old state fair? Yes, some people turn their nose up at this annual event, but I've gone to the fair just about every year since I was born, and I intend to pass the fall ritual on to my little man as well. Hubs has the same opinions about the fair - yes it's dirty, expensive and crowded - but each year, when it gets a bit chilly outside and the leaves begin to fall, we look at each other, with a grin on our face and say, "the fair's coming soon!"


Sunday was our big day and it was a bit chilly and there were some sprinkles forecasted, but that just made the crowds a bit lighter. After paying $10 to park, we flashed our tickets I'd purchased online (yes, this fair is hip with the times) and let the smells of fried twinkies and buttered corn lead us through the maze of rides and games.


About 150 bucks later, we had lunch, several stuffed toys, a blow-up sword and no goldfish. My little guy wanted a goldfish so bad and I swear we spent probably $30 in ping-pong balls trying to win him one, but no luck.


The big thing to try at this fair this year was the chocolate-dipped bacon, so we stood in line for our four slices of bacon for five bucks. We each had a piece (little man had two) and it was pretty good - sweet and salty at the same time, but too rich to have more than once a year!


Then we visited the chicken tent, where we got to hold baby chicks and ducks and see the winning birds from the week. Baby chicks and toddlers - I mean, how cute can it get?


All-in-all, it was a great day and another tradition we hope to pass along to the next generation - chocolate bacon and all!


  1. I've been hesitant about trying this chocolate It looks kinda good though :)

    Such cute pictures!

  2. I love fairs! The one we have here is pretty much crap, but a fair is a fair. Wonder why they dont have the chocolate bacon? I will have to ask next year. Love the pictures! Looks like y'all had an awesome time! = )

  3. i confess i didn't read a WORD of your post because i'm so distracted by the gorgeous pictures!!! seriously! so so so amazing. will you be my teacher??

  4. your pics are so pretty! it makes me wish i could drive down to NC and see the fair

  5. Chocolate bacon. I just don't know if I could do it? And this girl LOVES bacon. Hmmm.... I wonder if I could find it anywhere around here?

    So glad you had a great time at the fair. I will never quit looking forward to our fall festival either :)

  6. That looks like so much fun. It's making me want to go to the fair. Those baby chicks are just adorable!

  7. Love your header! This post has left me craving a great Saturday out with loved ones and real food!! :) Xo

  8. Came across you blog and love it! Went to the same fair last night and definitely blogged about the chocolate covered bacon! Loved people watching there!

  9. I love me some fairs.. except for the toll they always seem to take on the checkbook. Fun times they are though.

  10. Oh mY gosh...your picture were so beautiful!!!

    chocolate bacon.
    Actually sounds good to me :)
    Looks like a fabulous time

  11. awww your toddler and chicks, adorable! we've only gone to the fair in another state but it was so much fun! to just walk around, have to get some fair food (yuum), play a game or two, a fun outing!

  12. great pictures.....I love sweet and salty together!!!!

  13. Fun photos but not so sure I could eat the choc covered bacon:)

  14. Looks like a "Whole Lotta' Happy!"

    Great pictures...we had to try the Pig Lickers too...agree that it is a once-a-year kind of thing.

    YAY that y'all went by the Poultry tent to play with the an undergrad, I helped man that booth (and make sure no one left with a chick in the pocket.)

  15. I love going to the fair. My favorite food would have to be the funnel cakes. Yum!

    LOVE the new blog header. Someday I hope to have you do mine. Someday...

  16. Our Fair ended this weekend and I went for the first time. However, I did NOT see Chocolate dipped bacon! Not that I needed it bc I had about 7 other food items...

  17. Chocolate dipped bacon has got to be the most fabulous thing I've heard of all week!

    There is a restaurant here in San Diego that makes bacon infused ice cream sandwiches topped with candied bacon. (And wash that one down with a bacon flavored martini!)

  18. Oh I miss the NC State Fair! Yeah, my friends in NC told me that the new fried food this year was chocolate covered bacon. I don't like regular bacon so I can't imagine chocolate covered bacon! But, the fair is always an adventure and eating your way through the day is the best part!

  19. your pictures are great! choco dipped bacon, though?! hilarious!


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