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I Can Do Anything Now...

That's kinda the feeling I came back with after the walk this weekend. After pushing myself to walk 26.2 miles in one day (and unfortunately due to a foot injury couldn't do the second 13 miles on Sunday) I totally feel like what I thought were my limits are just the edges of my reach. We had a great weekend and although I literally crawled to the bathroom Sunday night (laughing all the way) I'm totally thinking about doing it again next year.

My team is amazing, and everyone involved in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has such a positive attitude. You can just look at the dedication and determination in all of these people and believe and know that one day we will absolutely find a cure for this horrible disease.

When I reached mile 13, I thought, how in the heck am I going to make it to 26.2? When I reached 20, I knew there was no way I wouldn't make it to 26.2. Maybe a little slower than some, but I made it.

When I got home, I asked hubby, "Why do I hurt behind my knees?" He said, "Because people just aren't supposed to walk almost 27 miles in one day. It's not natural." That's why we do it, because neither is chemo, radiation or a mastectomy.


  1. Congrats! 26.2 miles is AWESOME! No wonder it hurts behind your knees!

  2. I'm so proud and so in awe of you. It's amazing that you pushed yourself so hard for such a wonderful cause. I am in tears with joy for you!

  3. Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment. 26.2 miles - makes me hurt just thinking about it!

  4. Wow -- you're awesome! Congrats on such an amazing thing!

  5. I am so inspired by you doing this! Great job :)

  6. That is soooo awesome! My mother has cancer which is not something I talk about on my blog and this really brightened my day!

  7. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Congratulations on such an accomplishment. What a great feeling! So prouf of you! 27 miles in one day not going to become a weekly event?? :) Yay for you!

  8. oh my! That's so awesome, and it's for such a great cause.

  9. Congratulations! What a fabulous thing to have done!

  10. Congrats! And for such a wonderful cause, too. Honestly, I didn't realize it was that far all in one day. Amazing.

  11. So proud of you for undertaking this Wendy, and as I said to you...just know that the pain you've endured is quite minor in relation to what a cancer patient has to deal with.
    Love you... Mama

  12. You are awesome! I can't wait to do it again with you! Chi we come! :)

  13. That is FANTASTIC!! What an awesome achievement!

  14. congratulations- what an amazing accomplishment!

  15. Congratulations on your Walk!!! That is commendable. What a great cause.

    Good luck with the Coupons. I will try to shout out sooner next time.

    Are you on the Carolina Girls Roll Call @ Carolina Mama? I'll add you and let me know if you'd like to be interviewed. :)

  16. When I ran my Marathon it was mile 13 that was a turning point and at mile 20 everyone was saying we've done it and I was thinking stay focused and we'll do it and we did!

  17. Just found your blog through SITS and wanted to stop by and say hello! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sandy

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!! What an amazing accomplishment. Sometimes it feels good to hurt :)

  19. Congrats!! SO very inspiring... thanks for sharing the "journey" for a while on your blog!


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