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Why It Works...

...because he never questions my shoe collection and I never question his hat collection. I found these while cleaning out the soon-to-be-office closet. This pile doesn't even include the ones he actually wears. I laid them out on the bed and asked him to get rid of the ones he doesn't want. He selected three to donate to charity.


  1. That's hilarious! Mine is like that with t-shirts. He has boxes and boxes at home and in the attic at his parents house...and he won't let anyone get rid of any of them...and he doesn't even wear t-shirts!

  2. And is he like my husband and wears the same one over and over so it's not-so-great-looking (i.e. sweaty, crusty and grungy?) At least I spread the love around to ALL of my shoes! ha!

  3. hahahahahahahhah. i love this post!! fantastic!

  4. This is so funny! I love the fact that he picked out 3 to go to charity.

  5. I'm a new reader. I hope you don't mind.

    That's too funny! My boyfriend is the same way with hats. He has many, but only wears one until it falls apart.

  6. How generous! We have a collection like that.

  7. I have that same problem. My husband has about 50 hats and will not get rid of any of them. He wears the same 3 all the time.

  8. Bumpkin Tip!

    You know how to wash these right?
    Top shelf of the dishwasher, treat with Shout stick if needed! Without the dishes of course. The shape is then blown by the spray, and comes out very neat!

  9. A man and his baseball caps are rarely parted...just like a woman and her shoes....There are just somethings that should never gotten rid of. :) We just buy more and larger storage containers...

  10. Far out! What a huge collection of hats! :O

  11. I wish I could do the same with my husbands hunting property! Don't think I would win!

  12. I couldn't even begin to count DOTR's hats. About every other year we give a huge shopping bag to goodwill. We have shelves in our bedroom that go from floor to ceiling and we got more shelves so they would be closer together (just the height of a hat) so now it looks like the Hat Shack in there. Those are only for the nice ones--he keeps the icky ones in the closet.

    And each of the boys have a large laundry basket full of hats in their rooms. I can talk hats all day long!

    It's definitely a sickness.

  13. My husband would be drooling if he saw this.Please don't attack me ...but I'm not a shoe person either.Flip flops maybe.. I hoard scrapbooking supplies,home decor and make-up.
    DH loves hats.My son who is 3 is picking up his obsession too.When he was a baby I kept beanies and little sun hats on him,guess he was doomed from the start.I won't show this post to dh,he might go into withdrawal.


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