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New Years Resolutions Attention Deficit Disorder

My mind is already a confusing mess of what I want to accomplish in 2013. And it seems like every other hour, I think of something new or read someone's idea and say "Hey, I'm gonna do that in 2013."

Overachiever, not so much. But I do get excited this time of the year to start anew, symbolic as it is, and have an excuse to step back for a minute, press the hold button and think about what I want for the next 12 months.

My 2012 goals were to get a promotion (check) while maintaining good work/life balance (check), and lose thirty lbs (not checked). My blog took a bit more of a back seat in 2012 as other items came to the front and I worked on that balance, but hopefully 2013 will provide the opportunity to spend more time here growing my online friendships and sharing my stories/projects/news...

For 2013 I jump from wanting to save, save, save so I can either completely redo my house in 2014 or move to a new house ... to wanting to travel to NYC again in the Spring and the mountains in the Fall with many beach trips in between (spend, spend, spend).

I've had the goal of losing weight each new year as long as a can remember. This year I'm taking a page from my friend Jenny's book, who got into running last year through a local program called RunBuds. It's a program run by a local running shop, Bull City Running, and we will run every Monday night for ten weeks, at a pace that fits us. I'm hoping I get the running bug like Jenny.

I want to learn to live with less, appreciate what I have been given more, and step away from the social media that sucks me in. I need to not compare myself with others and not buy the Tory Burch shoes that I think are ugly and way too expensive just because it's seen as a status symbol.

I want to set a Godly example for my son and husband, to ensure our family is on the right path. I'm researching a verse of the year that will be our mantra. I'm seriously thinking about checking out another church. I love where we are now, but Walker and Mike just aren't connecting with it like I am, and we need to do what is best for the family. I'm planning to check out The Summit this weekend - anyone holla if they will meet me there and tell me what to do - I hate looking like the awkward newbie. Walker has a lot of friends at his school that go there and it sounds very much like our church now, so hopefully it will be a good fit for us. We just don't know anyone that goes to our church right now, which makes it harder to get involved.

I want to grow stronger friendships. Being a working mommie, I don't have as much time for coffee and play dates, which leaves some friendships a bit more shallow than I'd like. As my best friend lives several states away, I want to continue to grow strong friendships locally and preferably with a mom that has a child/children my age. I sometimes feel like they are all off having play dates without me. Anyone else with me or am I just paranoid?

Pin less, do more. I've got great pins and sure they are all great ideas, but really what's the point if I don't do any of them? So I started a board that I report on which pins I acted on in real life to hold myself accountable. Sure, we don't have to do everything we pin, but one every 50 or 100 pins would be nice, am I right?

 Ok, I think that's enough for now. I could keep going, and maybe I will in another post...


  1. Pin less, do more!! I love it and am 110% certain my husband will agree as well!!

  2. Wow - couldn't have written it better myself:) We certainly have a lot in common! Hope yall like Summit - heard great things about them as well. WE go to Church of the Good Shepherd and LOVE it...but if Walker already has friends at Summit - it's a no brainer! I admire your selflessness to put your family first.....and totally feel your pain about not having enough time for friendships (or energy). And Pinterest just makes me feel worse about myself - the never ending list with nothing checked's to simple, happy, and loving in 2013!

  3. I am completely with you on the friendship thing. As another working mom, I feel like I am missing out and it's hard to make friends at work b/c of seniority, etc. I also love what you said about learning to appreciate what you have. As for the churches, we are in Raleigh and I seem to recall you are in Durham, right? We are halfway looking around too. There aren't a lot of people our age at our current church. Anyway, thanks for posting and good luck with everything. Happy New Year!

  4. Love this! You have some great goals this year. I definitely need to step away from the social media a bit.

  5. Happy New Year! I am just getting caught up on my favorite blogs and I love the thought you put into your life...I am wishing you and your family a wonderfully blessed 2013!



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