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Not To Leave You Hanging...

Sorry I'm just now getting back to y'all on the results from my second mammogram last week. I have been so busy the last couple of days I haven't even had time to check in.

To start, I'm fine. Everything is OK. It was a bit nerve-wracking and VERY eye-opening, but I'm OK.

I showed up for the second, more intensified scans of my right breast Friday, where they found an area on the initial baseline scan. I had to wait forever. That was so not fun.

When I was called, I went through the steps, had my boob squished for a short bit for pics, and then I had to wait.

The nurse was so wonderful. I'm sure she's been present for the delivery of news from both sides of the spectrum. So she was very sensitive to every word and every move I made. She said, "Now I'm going to go meet with the radiologist. Don't be scared or get nervous if it takes a long time. That just means I have to wait a little and he's busy."

So I waited.
And I flipped through a People magazine.
And I waited.

Then the nurse came back with the radiologist. She said, "Everything is OK but the radiologist just wants to talk to you some more and do a physical exam in that area."

First I hear everything is OK, then I hear that made me nervous. He then explained basically what they saw, "You have what we refer to as an asymmetrical density in your breast tissue, which means you have an area that is denser/thicker on your right side vs. your left side." Evidently your breasts are supposed to be mirror images of each other as far as their density, but in 20-30% of people that's not the case. So basically, I'm no longer a specimen of perfection. Oh well...

He did a quick exam and said I was good to go and that he was just being extra cautious. I have to go back in 6 months just to be sure nothing changes, and if everything looks good then, I don't have to go back again until I'm 40.

This growing up thing is for the birds.

On another note but still a little related...I whipped up some cupcakes for a bake sale the Pink Pacers hosted along with a health fair to benefit the Get Real and Heel breast cancer after-treatment program. I saw a cute idea to place the cupcakes in a clear plastic cup for presentation.  I dropped a cupcake down in one cup and gave it to Walker to try, and realized it was very messy to get it out to eat. So I found some plastic forks and decided to tie them on the top as well, which turned out cute!


  1. It's so great that you know now that you have dense breasts. Some states have passed laws that require the results of a mammogram denote whether or not a breast is dense. It's a big deal in how a doctor examines, apparently. I only know this because I handle healthcare policy for my job, but I think it's somethng really key that women should know! I'm glad everything turned out well!

  2. Very glad to hear you got some good results from the scan. I always get so nervous whenever I go for one.

  3. Whew! So happy for your good news. I had the exact same "condition" at my baseline and even the exact same scenario.."don't worry if it's awhile before I come back", radiologist met with met, etc. It was scary for me, too but I've had 4 mammograms since then (since I'm mid-40s now YIKES!) and every one has been normal. Hugs to you, girl! Hope to see you next month.

  4. SO glad you are okay... and having to wait? ugh. Agonizing. Yes... getting old is for the birds, I'm with you on that. On a lighter note... those cupcakes in the clear cups WITH the fork... genius!


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