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What is Inspiration?

I'm in a rut. Again.

I can't get motivated to write a post, can't decide what to write about when I do get some motivation, then I critique myself so harshly when it's written, I delete it because I don't think it's any good. What's that all about?

I need inspiration.

So, I wonder, where does inspiration really come from? I see tons of fabulous things on Pinterest that are supposed to inspire me, but you know what they do? Well, instead of letting me tell you, let me demonstrate exactly how I feel through this awesome pin:

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

They say inspiration is passion. Maybe I'm not passionate about anything right now because I'm so divided between so many things like...

-Working full-time outside the home
-Parenting full-time, all the time, every hour, every day
-Homekeeping/home decor/DIYing
-Feeding the hungry (my boys)
-Growing in my faith
-Crafting and computering
-Volunteering in the community
-Facebooking and keeping up with friends
-Photography (ing)

And I love doing all of these things - and don't want to give anything up! Either I gotta get more organized, or everything will begin to suffer. I feel like there's potential in everything I do. I enjoy my job and want to give 100% so I can grow here, but sometimes that means I have to work extra hours, leaving less time for my family and less time for me as well. If I spend too much time crafting and computering in my "free" time, then I can't be the mother I need to be. If I spend too much money "thrifting" (ironic?) then I can't get to the place I want to be financially.

I guess it all leads back to this one: "growing in my faith".

If I grow in my faith, I'll grow closer to God. If I grow closer to God, I'll listen for his direction and follow his guidance. If I follow and listen, I'll make the right choices and commitments. If I make the right choices and commitments, I'll no longer be so divided. If I'm not longer so divided, I'll get my passion back.

Therefore, through faith, I'll find my passion. Amazing how everything comes back to faith.


  1. I absolutely love the last two paragraphs off this post. :)

  2. So true! I've been feeling really torn between so many different 'projects' that I'm not really doing any of the projects very well.

    But when I give that over to God and let Him have control, everything I need to be doing just falls into place.

    This post is a great reminder of that!
    : )

    P.S. Had TONS of compliments on new blog design!!! Thanks!!

  3. Love your post ... and you ended up inspired after all!
    Have a blessed week - xojoy

  4. Life is about riding the waves, ups and downs are expected and necessary. When you look back on these days you will be amazed at what you were able to accomplish. What makes us so hard on ourselves? Perfection is overrated.

  5. Lady, I hear you on this - I struggle with wanting to achieve that same balance, and I don't have a fraction of the responsibilities you do.

    Psst - don't look now, but for someone lacking inspiration, this was a pretty great post :-).


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