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It's Summertime

Last Day of Kindergarten
Walker is experiencing his first real summer this year. Up until now, he'd always been in daycare, so there was always a place to go in the summertime. When the last day of school came along this year, he didn't quite understand the hype and what everyone was so excited about, but I think he's starting to get into the summer groove a bit now that we are three weeks in.

I've got some camps lined up for him and thanks to my mom and sis, several weeks he can just play at the pool, hang out with cousins and go fishing in the pond. That's how I remember summer as a child and I'm glad he's able to have some of that freedom as well. My mom was a teacher, so she was always around in the summers. We rarely had camps or schedules we had to follow, and I loved summertime most because we never seemed to have to go anywhere. And we always topped summer off with a trip to the beach, which was what we looked forward to every year. I really miss those family vacations, when we would all pile up in the car, fighting over who would get the pillow or because the air was too cold, filled with excitement about mornings on the beach, afternoons at the mall and pool in the evenings.

I'll admit, summertime has rubbed off on me a bit as well and I'm having to keep the daydreams of pool and beach days away while sitting at my desk. We did make it to the beach one week, and it seemed to fly by. I'm counting down the days until our next trip.

For the last two weeks, Walker has spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with my mom and sis in Roxboro and Mike and I miss him so when he's not here. I know sometimes I want him to go play in his room so I can get some things done or cook dinner and it seems like I've always got a running list of things in my head that need to be done, but when he's not there, I can't find a thing to do and I'm wondering what he's doing at any given moment.

And then I start to think about when he's a teenager and he won't be around as much, and then when he goes off to college and I'll never see him and what if he moves far away and...then I stop myself and just try to focus on the here and now and hope that he'll just go to UNC that's only 15 mins. down the road and have to come live in our basement or something because he can't find a job or a wife. On the other hand already prepping him for the SAT in first grade and hoping he's successful with a wonderful wife and children someday.

Geez, what moms have to go through...

 P.S.: Just received this pic on my iPhone. Pond fishing this afternoon with Grandaddy. Look at that smile!


  1. All those things are so so true. Time has a way of getting away from us. College for him seems so far away but it will be here before you know it....and that's a tough one! You are blessed that he is able to stay with your parents some during the summer. He will never forget those times with them! precious childhood memories!

  2. Oh Wendy..I just love your blog. This one is especially good :) I often say that we bought a house w/ a basement so that Alexander could come back and live in it......just for me :) xoxoxoxo


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