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Home Neglect?

I know there's been very few posts lately on home decor and DIY projects I've been working on. Not because I haven't been being productive over here, only because the projects I'm working on right now are pretty boring.

After several months of walking around with half-painted rooms, outside painting that needed to happen and enough yard work to scare my father away, I finally decided to tackle them. I made a list and told myself I wouldn't start anything new until I finished all of the boring projects that needed to be done around here first.

I really want to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew, create some fun artwork for my bedroom, and tackle that whole bedroom and bathroom renovation I've mentioned previously, but if I keep starting new projects and not finishing the old ones, this place is gonna get crazy (er?)

I've employed some cheap labor (Mike) and although he complains, he still gets the job done. And I still haven't exhausted my option of pulling in the big guns when I need them (Daddy).

Here's the list, and you can see I'm making progress. Can't wait to get to the good stuff on the other list that's titled "New Home Projects". I'm not always a list person, but when things start to overwhelm me - at work or at home - that's when I start a list and I feel so much more calm about what I've got to tackle!

So hopefully I'll finish this list soon. I'm going to have to hire someone to smooth the walls in the bathroom. I scraped the wallpaper off it and it is really rough, so I hear I've got to get someone to come in and "mudd" and sand the walls. I put out an SOS on Craig's List and I've got tons of eager beavers wanting to help for around $150 so that's up next!

Oh and the stenciling of the front porch project was a dud. It was so bad I didn't even take a picture, just painted right over it. I was going for the vintage look, but ended up with a country look reminiscent of the 80s. Not good. So I just decided to go with the solid color. Bummer yes, but my list of upcoming projects has some fun ones, so stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful blog. Informative and useful.

  2. That's my problem! I have SO many lists and I hardly ever cross everything off! I think I just love starting projects!! HA!

  3. Hey there! :) I also really want to learn to sew... I'm working up the nerve to teach myself, but we'll see. Once I learn, I have a hole heap of curtains I want to make. Just sent you an email, too! Love your blog.


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