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17 Days

me trying to stretch my face out for a pic Walker took so I don't have a double chin
So have you heard about the hot new 17 Day Diet?

I'm a sucker for anything new, so you know I had to try this one. Anything not to have to sweat hours in a gym to get the baby weight off (and yes, my son is six years old).

In a nutshell, you are basically cutting out carbs and sugar for 17 days, but you can have two servings of fruit before 2:00 pm. When you wake up in the morning, you drink warm water with fresh lemon squeezed into it to neutralize your stomach.You drink green tea with every meal and have to have two servings of probiotics a day (yogurt, for example). You can munch on veggies for snacks and have eggs and fruit for breakfast. And you're supposed to work out 17 minutes a day (two times if you can).

This diet is designed to get you to drop weight fast, so you are motivated to keep going. Then when the first 17 days (two weeks and three days if that sounds better) is over, you start to add some things back in your diet. This causes metabolic confusion, which helps you burn more calories.

I've been on the diet a week and actually cheated Sunday (cause I was out of groceries and had no time to shop) and I've lost five lbs. I will say I was a little hungry the first couple of days, but only because I didn't have enough snacks planned.

To get started, I downloaded the book on my iPad and read the section on the first 17 days, then I joined a Facebook page for fans of the diet that has some great discussions about recipes and I also looked at some great recipes on The Dr's web page (evidently the guy who created this diet made an appearance on the show and this drove up the popularity of it significantly). Then I shopped for the primary items I'd need for this diet:

- Greek Yogurt
- Chicken breasts/ground chicken
- Ground turkey
- Green tea
- Eggs
- Lettuce
- Fat free cheese
- Veggies
- Blueberries
- Sugar free applesauce
- Truvia
- Lemons

So, if you're looking for a new approach, I'd say give it a try. I want to lose at least 40 lbs total, so I've still got a long ways to go to get back to my fighting weight, but at least I've started the journey.

Anyone else out there tried it and have some suggestions or recipe ideas? Let me know what you think about it and if you've been successful with this diet!


  1. You are so crazy, girl!!!

  2. If it works, let me know...Might be a good way to kickstart my summer dieting!

  3. Listen to your mother. And to me. The only way to lose FAT and keep it off is proper food combining: protein with veggies or whole grain carbs with veggies. Not whole grain carbs with protein. Cut out the dairy- especially cow dairy. Eat fruit first thing in the morning and not again at all during the day (because of the type of sugar). Moderate alcohol and get off the caffeine because it raises the insulin in your body and causes your body to store fat. Trust me.


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