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This post is about whatever pops into my head. Nothing too exciting going on over here, but I don't want to neglect the old blog. And I have been up to some new things, just nothing too exciting to write a whole blog post about, so we'll combine into one...

- We took Walker and my nephew to the circus last week. Let's just say the old circus has come a long ways since I was a little girl. The graphic screens they have are amazing and the prices of the toys and souvenirs are ridiculous, but it was worth it to see the smiles on their faces, or  rather, the clown noses on their faces.

- I recently signed up for Pinterest and I'm having so much fun on the site! You can follow me here. So glad someone thought of this - I come across so many great ideas and pics on the web and never have seemed to be able to organized them in a productive manner. This system is great. Just to show you some of the fun things you can pin on the site, here's a great print I found just yesterday. Makes me chuckle...

- I've recently signed up for a CSA (community-supported agriculture) called PapaSpuds and I'm loving getting such fresh, healthy food! They recently started delivering to my office on Tuesdays and I get to pick out what I want my delivery to include each week. Today I got flounder, hamburger, onions, cauliflower and some chocolate croissants for Walker.

- Walker and I went to see the Justin Bieber movie this weekend and we are both official Beliebers. That kid has some awesome talent and is such a great guy! Walker now wants to take singing lessons, has posters of him in his room and we bought the soundtrack from the movie. Seriously people, he's that good. You come out of that movie feeling like there is some good stuff going on in this world and you want to be part of it.

- Also on the Bieber front (seriously, if you've been following me on Twitter you know I can't stop talking about this cutie), his success is such a great study on the power of social media. He was actually discovered on YouTube and he is very active on Twitter and originally used it as a way to get people to come see him perform at malls, etc., before they even knew who he was. Kinda neat.

- Walker has also recently become obsessed with rollerskating. My nephew had his birthday party at the rink in Roxboro and Walker tried it for the first time and loves it. I loved rollerskating when I was younger and used to spend hours on skates in my parent's basement.

- I sold my bed on Craig's List yesterday! I've been contemplating getting rid of the clunky thing and buying a platform bed, so I decided to take it apart Sunday night. Mike put it on the front porch, I put it online yesterday, and it was sold by last night. I'm loving my mattress on the floor. I think I was a hippie in a former life.

- I've got some home projects I'm going to start soon, but just not motivated to start quite yet, but stay tuned. Projects include: update of downstairs bath, painting front porch (some cool pattern), updating Walker's room and I'm contemplating something new for the stairs (but not sure on that one yet).

- That's it for now. I realized as I'm writing this post at midnight why I can't fall asleep - side effect of forgetting to take my crazy pills. That means I will also have night sweats and crazy dreams. Sometimes the crazy dreams are kinda fun, so will let you know if anything exciting happens.


  1. Justin actually came to my house for dinner before-he-was-famous. He is/was friends with the son of one of Doug's friends. I keep thinking I could sell a random fork from my silverware drawer for at least $1M. haha. He was a cutie when we met and very nice manners. Love the fresh delivery idea - sounds divine!

  2. Where can I find that mustache print to buy? It is fabulous. Thanks for sharing all of your great finds and creative ideas.


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