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I Want An Oscar... bag...

Seriously, have you seen the list of the awesomeness that the actors at the Oscars receive? It's valued at more than $75,000 and I could get much more joy out of it than the actors in Hollywood making millions a year!

Let me tell you what I'd do with the Oscar Swag:

- My husband and I would use the Maldives trip to celebrate our upcoming 10 year anniversary. We never really got to have an appropriate honeymoon because we were married September 22, 2001, right after the attacks on the World Trade Center. And guess where our one week honeymoon was supposed to take place? You guessed it - New York City! But we ended up having to cancel and just went to the beach for a week instead. How awesome would this trip be for our 10 year celebration?

- I'd use all of the skincare and fitness products to get me into shape and healthy - one of my goals for 2011!

- But I would give the fitness retreat to my bestie. She's having a baby in March and I know one of her priorities is to get back in shape ASAP. This would give her a great start.

- I'd send my mom and dad to Belieze. They need some time together.

- I'd pamper my crazy puppy Lucy and my neurotic kitty Reese!

- And I'd auction the Kim Kardashian watch on eBay and give the money I make to my church! You can't say no to that generosity, Dear Oscars!!!!

And yes, that is my head on Reese Witherspoon's body. Gotta love Photoshop.

But really, I can't wait for them to come on Sunday - love Oscar day!!! 

And, just in case you were wondering, here's the complete list of items in the Distinctive Assets 2011 Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag:

StemSational Skin Regeneration Serum
Body Wrap Sheer Iridesscent fashion-forward shapewear
blu Cigs special edition electronic cigarettes
Cookies by Joey
An all-inclusive stay at the Winvian Luxury Hotel
fūl split-level Load Runner duffels
earthpawz pet safe + toxic free cleaning products
Total Indulgence Skin Trio by LaVigne Organic Skincare
Nulo natural & nutritious pet food
It’s a 10 Haircare, Chocolatines’ Chocouture Jewelry Box
BlacMéra couture tunics/earrings/neckties
Kiwaii True Spring Water
The Kim Kardashian Signature Watch Collection by The Brissmor Company
Huntley Drive Fitness personal training packages
MILLIANNA python cuffs
complimentary services from The Salon by Maxime
Dreams by Neihulé Nail Polish
Slimware portion-control plates
J. Holly International featuring Mon Platin Natural Dead Sea Mud Pack Positive Only Celebrity News
XTI Active-Shield 360 and Nano Facemask
Leg Luxury hosiery
sugar-free low-carb Bonita’s Mixes
JulAir odor eliminator
R.A.T.S. Atelier men’s apparel
Kosanka anti-aging açai beverages
Virgin Galactic limited edition sub-orbital space craft scale model
Lalo Fitness, 1 month unlimited training sessions with Lalo Fuentes
6-month unlimited Executive Membership to Circuit Works
Nozin nasal products
Notebook and Persian medallion from Shokoufeh Malekkiani benefiting the United Nations World Food Programme in Iran
A $5,000 all-inclusive week-long fitness retreat from Live In Fitness Enterprise, Barradoro VIP Luxury Lifestyle Experience
Slimming Act body contouring cream from Dr. Jules Nabet
A $12,000 Belize getaway at Cayo Espanto – A Private Island
A $16,000 all-inclusive getaway to Huvafen Fushi luxury resort in the Maldives compliments of Premier Tours.


  1. Let me encourage you not to leave your desires as mere wishes. Plan on how you can afford a vacation getaway even if its just a three day weekend escape. It is achieveable no matter your income.

    Many travel agents and cruise have payment plans or you can visit on the "cheaper' times of the year.

    Start today, plan for that honeymoon you never had. Get a big jar, label it...MY HONEYMOON/ ANNIVERSARY SAVING. Drop your change for a year and go next year.

    May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.

  2. Oh my word wouldnt that be absolutely wonderful! I only dream of such a thing. You have a fabulous blog! I am your newest follower!


  3. Hi Wendy! Cute post! I'd love to win the Oscar Swag Bag too! :) Hey, I commented back on my site to let you know everyone was invited to the weekend. It was on my blog linking to the registration and we all twittered about it and even gave away two tickets. Maybe you can catch us next year. Any time you see something you are interested in, just let me know. All the best.

  4. You look marvelous with that Oscar my friend... and your gown.. Is it Vera Wang? Wow! Amazing list. And to think I get excited at the freebies in my clinique bonus time bag.


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