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Under Quarantine

It's been one of those days - two days actually.

Motrin, Tylenol.
Wash sheets.
Motrin, Tylenol.
Motrin, Tylenol.
Cold washcloth, ice chips.


This house is under quarantine. My little sick guy only wants to snuggle with his mommie, and I feel helpless because I can't make it all better.

Juggling working from home and mommie duty, dealing with the crazy dog that peed on my new rug (!!!!!!!), trying to stay away from the carbs (so hard to do when you're stuck in the house for two days) and keeping up with the laundry that piles up from upset tummies and showers - this day is finally done!

The crud is currently making its rounds at school, so I had a feeling this was coming. Walker is typically pretty resilient, but he's been pretty puny today. He actually fell asleep this afternoon leaning on my shoulder in the chair downstairs while I was on the computer. I shut down shop and took him upstairs for a nap.  He woke up and wanted to know what day it was. He thought he'd slept through the night. Poor little guy.

He's snoozing away now, snuggled beside me, and still feels warm. I'm praying that the fever will break tomorrow and we'll be back to normal soon.

Mike's turn to stay home tomorrow. I've already left him a list of what to do when the fever spikes.

He's no mommie, but he's the next best thing.


  1. So sorry your little one is sick, hope he feels better soon!

  2. Poor baby... He has that feverish look. Hope he's better today and that no one else catces the bug.

  3. Awww so sorry guys. Hope Walker is better soon! Good luck today Mike!

  4. Feel better, Walker! In the same boat last week....there is nothing worse than your babies being sick, at least he has a good nurse :)

  5. That is the worst thing ever, when our babies are sick. Get well soon!

  6. sweet boy! having a sick one is never easy or fun- get well soon!

  7. awww, that is so hard! I hope he's feeling better and you're doing well! (it is SO hard not to munch when you're home!!)

  8. Hope your little guy feels better!!!! DM

  9. Poor buddy. Tis the season... 7 kids + both teachers out yesterday. We are like sitting ducks.
    Btw, you are going "live" next friday the 11th. :)

  10. Something has really been going around lately, it's making its way thru our house right now. And what's with the word "puny"? Must be a southern thing?


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