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Chances of An Addict

So I'm sure you've heard the amazing story of Ted Williams, the homeless man who was discovered by a local reporter. His YouTube video and velvet voice landed him on the Today show couch with Matt and Meredith the last two days.

I'm so captivated by this story for so many reasons. One, because it shows that people do get second chances in life. Two, because it shows that people can overcome addictions.

I've seen people very close to me fight addictions, and I truly believe that alcoholism and drug addiction is so misunderstood in our society and world. I 100% believe that addictions are driven by the brain and that they are a disease. No one would choose to be so completely and utterly obsessed with something that controls and ruins their life.

But it seems like our society is having to deal with addictions more and more. Maybe it's because we aren't as strong in our convictions, maybe it's because we aren't leaning on the Lord as much to give us guidance. I can't turn the TV on anymore without seeing a show about addictions and how they've effected someone's life.

But maybe with more focus on addictions and how they effect people, we can all learn to not judge these folks, but instead lend a helping hand. I've actually written to Oprah numerous times about the need to elevate the importance of addiction in this country and how it's going to destroy society very soon.

I once saw an interview with Mel Gibson and he stated that his addiction was stronger than any other emotion he had in his life. It can overtake the love for a child, a mother, a wife, a husband. And I believe it's true, not because I have addictions myself, but because I've seen it happen.

I'm sure Mr. Williams never intended to hurt his mother. I'm sure it was the drugs and alcohol that caused him to steal. I would like to know what happened two years ago that finally got him clean and sober. Often it's losing everything, or the threat of losing everything, that gets you there.

There's no guarantee that Mr. Williams won't have issues with his addictions again, but I hope for his sake and for his mother, he's able to be strong and deal with his sudden fame successfully. But I guarantee you if he doesn't get treatment for this disease, it's going to come back. Just as a diabetic that doesn't take their insulin gets sick, without counseling, AA/NA and potentially prescription treatment, he's just going to get overtaken by the disease again. I've seen that happen too.

Now for something a little lighter...but still high in calories!!!!

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has always been my favorite food, just ask my mom. They gave Mr. Williams his first gig, which is scheduled to air this Sunday. Check it out below. (And by the way, I've made this new Homestyle Mac & Cheese and it's really yummy!)


  1. I was very happy for him. It is nice to hear some good news every now and then :O)

  2. His story is an inspiration. I agree with you on the addiction part taking over so much of our country. It is a disease and those who are in the depths of it are truly lost. I lost my mother almost 14 years ago to alcoholism and it is a horrible disease. Good for you for taking action and writing to Oprah!

  3. It's just a 'feel good' story. I wish him the best of luck.


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