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Triump and the Tooth Fairy

Last week was a bit crazy for me. I was out of town the entire week, running around helping to plan a big event for our company. It went well. I don't really like to talk too much about my company on my blog, but suffice it to say it was successful, inspiring and helped us all understand why we come into the office each and every day.

That meant Mike was home along with Walker. Nana swept in for a couple of days to lend some support, but the two of them stuck it out and took care of each other fairly well while I was gone.

I called Mike Tuesday morning to remind him to pack lunch and he said, "It's already done."

I called Mike Thursday morning to remind him it was uniform day and he responded, "Already dressed."

I've trained him well.

Friday morning they called to tell me Walker lost a tooth the day before. They forgot to call me the evening before and tell me. I was squealing on the phone while Mike was murmuring, "I didn't realize it was that big a deal."

It was his first tooth people! It's a milestone, right?

But daddy took care of that whole deal as well.

The tooth fairy came, left the tooth behind, and left some cash. Although if mommie would have been there, the tooth fairy would have been a little more budget conscious. I had to remind Walker that the tooth fairy only brings $10 for the first tooth.

Seriously, I'd have to get a second job just to support the tooth fairy gig for ten bucks a tooth.


  1. Cute! Our son lost his first tooth when staying with grandparents one week this summer. We told them $2 max... :)

  2. Darlin' picture of your Walker! He scored some serious cash for that tooth!!! Wow, he'll be pulling his other teeth ;)

  3. Cute pic! Enjoy each and every milestone!

  4. Around here, the first tooth gets $5, after that they get $1...

  5. That is adorable! I love when kids are so proud that they lost their first tooth. Makes them feel so grown-up!

  6. so cute!! i love that pic, the pride and happiness jumps right off it!!

    I just wanted to stop in, as a fellow nominee, and congratulate you on your Top Blog 2010 Nomination over on The Blog Guide.

    It is a thrill to be nominated in such great company!!

  7. Inflation strikes again! Don't let Walker tell Caitlyn about that ten spot when she loses hers in a few years :)


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