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Tin Roof Rusted

I'm excited to announce that my best friend is expecting!

She's announced it on Facebook and everyone knows that's the official word these days, right?

This is how she announced it:

Daria is "16 and pregnant. One of these things is true."

Only Daria.

So, that means I now have an excuse to talk about baby stuff! And I hope to help with the shower, nursery decorations and new mommie advice! I already bought her the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. I loved that book when I was pregnant - the advice is invaluable. Things like knowing that the first ultrasound isn't what the movies make it look like and how incredible those frozen things they give you in the hospital to help with the pain are.

I wish they had blogs back when my little guy was born. I guess they did, but I didn't know about them. I could have used some advice when my little guy cried every night from 6:00 - 8:00, when he wouldn't sleep at night, when he'd get a cold or when I just needed a sanity check. You mommies don't know how good you have it now - to be able to Tweet or blog an issue and get so much wonderful advice from other mommies out there.

So, as one of my many gifts to her, I'm asking you friends and mommies, what do you wish you'd known then (pre-baby) that you know now (after-baby that you'd like to share with her?


  1. Oh wow.. I'm not pregnant, nor will I be anytime soon... but I'm filing that one away for when I do make the Facebook announcement. Awesome. {That's assuming Facebook will still be around when that time comes!}

  2. Here's all I have. Since I only have a 7 month old, I'm still learning! :)

    - When putting your crib or toddler sheets and water-proof cover on, double up (water-proof sheet, regular sheet, water-proof, regular). Then, in the middle of the night you can just peel the top two and not worry about putting on another, including turning on the lights, frustration, etc.

    -A Boppy is a god-send in the first two months!

    And on kind of a 'downer' note:

    - Be prepared for the postpartum stuff. I was not at all prepared. I thought it would be sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. I couldn't focus on anything but being able to meet Lucy. I didn't look past her birth, not even a minute.

    I hadn't prepared for after - the feeling of being inadequate with my body, leaking and being engorged, and the month of bleeding. I wish someone would have just semi-prepared me. Even if you don't have postpartum, it can be rough.

    Again, sorry to end on a not fun topic. If I think of anything GOOD, I'll let you know!

  3. My oldest is 8 and my youngest will be 2 in December, so I have plenty advice! BUT the best advice I ever received was Sleep when they sleep (even if you have a MILLION things to do), and ALWAYS accept help when someone offers it!

  4. The best gift/advice I received was the book The Happiest Baby on the Block - my pediatrician gives a copy to every new mother. Blessings to Daria and baby!

  5. The Baby Papasan chair was a life saver when our daughter was born. It was the only thing she would sleep in. It was all snuggly and she loved it. She stayed in it for three months and then right to the crib. Loved it!

  6. Days and weeks after giving birth you QUITE POSSIBLY may feel like you've been hit by a truck. I was shocked at how hard it was to walk/sit/stand due to various and sundry parts that were not quite in the place they normally were or they were larger or smaller than they normally were. Oh wait...nothing was smaller. Much was larger.

    Also- let "good enough" be good enough sometimes. Soak up all the sweet baby moments and let chores and other obligations wait.

    You'll forever and always have mommy guilt. That's why God invented girlfriends and wine.

    Congratulations, Daria!

  7. I have three children and I would like to share this:
    1. Be kind to yourself. You do not have to be perfect.
    2. Take the above advise about layering crib sheets.
    3. When in labor keep an open mind about painkillers and epidurals. I was so busy being "polite" while in labor with my first that I don't think the nurses ever really knew how much pain I was in. The second time was almost pain free because I was direct and honest.
    4. Don't listen to other mommies who are always one-uping. Every baby is special and unique.
    Good Luck!


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