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September Sports

My son's schedule has kept me on my toes this weekend. I seriously don't know how you people with more than one child do it.

Walker and I went to the UNC football game in Chapel Hill that started at noon with my mom and nephew, then were planning to go to a classmate's birthday party in downtown Durham. During the game, he decided he wanted to skip the birthday party and instead, go to his soccer game. This meant we had to leave Chapel Hill no later than 1:30, to get back home, put on soccer gear and get to the soccer game by 2:20. Our car was parked in a lot at University Mall, and we took the bus into campus. Problem was, after I dragged Walker from Kenan Stadium to the buses at halftime, we realized they weren't running anymore.

But, you can't explain to a five-year old that they missed their first soccer game of the season because the buses weren't running yet. This is where my mentality of "never say no" came into good use. I picked up my Blackberry and googled Chapel Hill cabs. I called three and they all said it would take 20 minutes to get to us because of the game traffic, so we decided to walk to the edge of campus and see if anything came by.

Of course, at this point, Walker decided he needed to pee and could absolutely not wait any longer. So, I stood in front of him while he peed right behind the "University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill" sign on the corner of South and Country Club Road. Totally no disrespect intended, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. I wondered if a cop saw us, would he give us a ticket, or would he understand that a five-year-old doesn't quite understand how to "hold it."

Luckily, a van came by, Walker waved him down like he was a New Yorker, and he flipped around and picked us up.

We got back to our car by 2:10, back to the house by 2:20, and then came the next challenge: finding the shin guards, ankle covers, soccer socks, uniform and shoes. Thank goodness they were where they were supposed to be (I know, I was shocked too), so we zipped out the door at 2:25 to the soccer field (which is right next door) and were only 8 minutes late for the game.

That, my friends, deserves a medal.


  1. Supermom! That's what makes the world go round!!

  2. Whew, I was getting stressed out reading it. I had to laugh at the peeing. My son always needs to go at the most inconvenient times!


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