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Hurricane Season

It's hurricane season again in North Carolina.

Which for the most part, doesn't interfere with my day-to-day life, but my in-laws live at the beach.

Which means all of these have been taken off the wall and packed up in case of impact.

It is a beautiful arrangement, and I love how it fills in the room, but maybe we should consider another decorating option for that wall Mama?

Praying for those on the coast and their families. Praying for the storm to blow out to sea.

When I was a senior in college, Hurricane Fran came all of the way inland and crushed Chapel Hill. That same night my boyfriend of three years broke up with me, we lost all power in our dorm and all of the food in our cafeteria spoiled. I was an RA, so we weren't allowed to leave the property and go home. I lived on the 7th floor of our dorm and we had to patrol our floors each hour on the hour at night for three days because the fire alarms weren't working properly and residents were lighting candles for light.

We took water in trash cans from the pool to fill up our toilets so they would flush and some people even went swimming in the dirty pool with soap to get clean.

I hate hurricanes.

But I do remember being outside that night when the eye came through. It was around 2:00 am and we were chasing around picking up trash and recycling bins that were being blown everywhere.

Car windows were shattering from the pressure in the air and trees were falling on two and three cars at a time.

All of a sudden it was so quiet and peaceful. In a very strange sort of way.

But then like that, it was over and the storm raged again. 


  1. Hope things turn out ok for your family. I live in Charlotte,NC and remember Hurricane Hugo hitting on my birthday as a kid. It's weird the tiny details that you can remember about things like that- I like your description of the calm moments during the storm, because that's what I remember most about my experience.

  2. Good luck with the current threat.....hope all is well!(and stays well)

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm supposed to leave Tennessee for Myrtle Beach in 2 days- I'm so scared we're gonna have to regroup and haul off to somewhere else if Earl gets too close :(

  4. I've never experienced a hurricane, only a tornado. I can't even imagine what people go through. My prayers are with them.

  5. I hope everything turns out OK for your family! Hurricanes are so scary. I've had plenty of friends have to evacuate and abandon their homes back when Katrina hit. Just awful!

    My thoughts are with y'all!

  6. I grew up in South Florida and remember having hurricane days. I was just about to start my frosh year of high school when Andrew hit. I feel like they get so many more big ones now that I have left though. I hope your family stays safe this year!

  7. This story certainly brought back some memories! Fran was by far the worst hurricane I have ever lived through. Your experience sounds considerably worse than most given your RA position! I cannot imagine having that added stress as well!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog yesterday, it is so nice to meet other Triangle bloggers! :)

  8. stay safe! I've lived near the Gulf Coast (TX) my whole life, but will never get used to hurricanes, just a bit ago we were talking about past storms and the way you talk about them (with names, and your memories of each one) its like they are people. may this one be a very forgettable one!!!

  9. I hope your in-laws are okay! I remember what a mess Fran caused. Just down the road from you :) we were out of power for 10 days. I am sorry that you were dealing with a break-up at the same time! That makes it so much worse.

  10. I grew up near Alabama's Gulf Coast. Now I live 50 miles from Georgia"s coast line. I KNOW ABOUT HURRICANES TOO! In 1979 hurricane Fredrick came many of the things you described...I remember too. It is a scary thing!
    I like your Mama's plates tho, lol!


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