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A Wobbly Start

Let's just say the first day of kindergarten was a bust.

Maybe I talked it up too much and he was expecting it to be a bit more glamorous and exciting, but when I picked him up from school the first day and asked him how his day was, tears formed in my eyes as he said, "It was boring. I don't ever want to go back there again."

I literally heard my heart crack a little bit.

His teacher had stopped me in the hall when I picked him up and said he didn't have a good day. She said he complained a lot and didn't want to do what she asked. I reassured her this was not regular behavior, and we chatted back and forth the rest of the evening on e-mail once I had a chance to talk to him. She was sure we'd be able to get him to come around.

He'd been so excited the night before school started, he didn't sleep well. He was nervous that morning, and didn't want anything to eat. He didn't know anyone in his class. I guess I would have probably had a rough day too.

But we talked it through. He went to bed early that night and ate a good breakfast the next morning.

When I picked him up, I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "A really, really, really, good day!"

So, now we are five days in and he's still liking it. I've figured out the carpool line, what time to leave the house in the mornings, submitted all of the new school and kindergarten paperwork, remembered uniform day is on Thursday and school pictures were Friday - even figured out how to slip a little nutrition in his packed lunches every day.

I think I can do this. We can do this.


  1. I know just how you feel. My little one loves kindergarten but just can't seem to go a day without getting a red card, which equals sitting out during recess. Of course, I'm a teacher so I know the importance of initiating good discipline in the classroom, but the mommy in me just about cries when I ask him each day if he got to play outside and he says no. But, like you said, "We can do this".

  2. kids are funny. one moment it is the best day ever and the next it was the most boring day ever.

    Our first day was fun. Our kids were so fired up for kindergarden & second grade. I got up early so I would be ready... then they got up early... after begal and juice I went to get the morning paper, about 1/2 hour before we needed to leave. They quickly followed me out into the rain for fear of being left behind. As they realized I was not leaving, they wanted to just sit in the car. had it not been raining, i might have let them sit in the driveway, but then I thought the better of it, and we all went back in the house, eager to leave for school.

  3. So glad he is liking it now!! xoxo

  4. God bless all of you. It's really such a tough time. But what a blessing! xo A

  5. I am glad it better after the first day!

  6. aww, that first pic is so sweet!! I'm glad it's gotten better! such a new thing for all of you, getting used to it all, but it sounds like everything is going so well now! :) I will be a wreck when the time comes for us, I know it, he'll walk in all excited and I walk away sobbing (waiting until he can't see me of course)! ;)

  7. Sweet Walker! In no time he is going to be racing out of the car and into that school without even looking back! I am so proud of him for going back after a rocky first day. Hugs to all of you!

  8. Aww! I remember not being able to sleep the night before school... it was always so exciting and new! And sometimes awkwardly new and overwhelmingly new... that too! First day can be hard. I'm glad he had a better second day!


  9. Glad he's gaining momentum & things are looking up. Yes, I don't know you in real life, but I can tell you're a wonderful mom! So best of luck this year. Kindergarten is awesome...hope he ends up loving it!!!

  10. Precious. Glad he's doing better! At least you weren't my mother.. I'm pretty sure my sisters and I cried our eyes out every day for about a week. :)


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