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A Wedding

This weekend I directed the wedding of some very special friends. They left today for their honeymoon in Jamaica. It was a beautiful ceremony. Mike was in the wedding and I cried during their first dance because it was all so very sweet. They met at a wedding three years ago at the very same church he proposed in and they were also married in. I could see the hope and excitement in the eyes of these newlyweds and wondered why we can't keep that feeling for the rest of our lives?

Maybe it was because they seem so young to me, but I felt old this weekend. It seems to be hitting me more lately, as I creep closer to 35. I think about nine years ago when I got married and how quick the time has flown by, while at the same time thinking "my Lord why can't we move pass this phase in our lives". I know I need to do a better job of living in the moment versus always looking towards what's next and truly enjoying where I am now, and I'm working on it. But I can't say that it's an easy thing for me to do.

I'm probably just in let-down phase of everything I've had going on over the past couple of weeks. Anyone else go through that and always have to have something to look forward to in their heads?

Currently looking forward to: Beach trip in August and anniversary trip to Charleston in September
Currently getting over: Crazy past three weeks of travel, weddings, birthday parties and graduations


  1. I am terrible about living in the moment. Lately I keep thinking will I look back and think I just wasted my days on stupid stuff. If this is I think in my 40's, lord help me, what will I think in my 50's? Why is it so hard to live in the space you are?

  2. I loved this post! And I am horrible about trying to rush through to the next thing! Parenthood has been great for that aspect of my personality in that I have to slow down so I don't rush through my daughter's first years. This first year has flown by and too often I find myself "can't waiting" until the next big milestone!! How can it be so hard to just literally take everything one day at a time?? Weddings are a great reminder of where you have been and where we should constantly try and return to with all of those "new" feelings!!!

  3. beautiful bride {and dress}
    glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  4. I love a wedding. I love Charleston. This was a great post!


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