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Sunglasses and Me

I've never had much luck with sunglasses, so I've never really invested much in them. I've decided now that I'm a big girl, I deserve a nice pair to protect my aging eyes.

My husband bought me a pair of Maui Jim's and they are OK, but I'm not in love, so I'm selling them on eBay (they are currently in the midst of a bidding war so I'm getting good money for them- yeah!) and buying these. Aren't they pretty? I'm wondering if I should get the brown ones or the grey ones? What do you guys think? (these are the brown, but you can see the grey here)

Now if I can just trust myself not to loose them, drop them, scratch them, leave them in a store....Does anyone offer sunglasses insurance? I mean, I have it for my cell phone.


  1. Haha, I am just like you. I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses. My Hubby keeps bugging me to get a nice pair...but I know they'll end up broken or I get mine at TJMAXX!

  2. I am loving the gunmetal pair, these might could tide me over till I save enough for the Chanel sunglasses of my dreams.

  3. I would LOVE a pair of designer sunglasses but I'm a bit stuck with prescription glasses. For now, my Vera Wang's are good to go!

  4. wow, those are gorgeous! But since I lose, scratch, and break mine on a weekly basis, I'd better stick with Walmart/Target specials!

  5. I always get scratches on mine. So, I've decided not to spend too much on them and to carry them in a soft pouch in my purse. I think Nordtrom Rack has a nice selection if you have one near you.

  6. OH they sure are good looking! Love the fact they combine the tortoise, metal and oversized frame without being too bulky. Great find pretty lady!

  7. Oh - I like these! I was like that too, until I got a nice Kate Spade pair. I've had them for a few years and so far they've lasted. They came with a hard case, which I think has kept them protected. And now, I'm just careful - they always go in the case, instead of just thrown in my bag! Makes a big difference.

  8. I love those! I just got a pair of Ray Bans and I am pretty anal about keeping them scratch free! We'll see!

  9. You are way ahead of me. Forgot my readers when I went shopping and had to buy a $7( the cheapest they had) pair in order to see what is was doing! xo A

  10. I'm too irresponsible for "Big Girl Sunglasses." I'll stick to Target or TJ Maxx for mine, however, I had to chime in and say I like the grey. Very pretty!

  11. Oh wow...those are pretty! I confess that I don't spend over $16.99 at Target. If they are $18, that is too high rollin' for me and my clumsiness.

  12. I'm with you - after losing 3 pairs of expensive sunglasses when I was younger, I took a hiatus from big girl glasses and only bought cheapies for years. I reinvested in some real ones last Fall and so far, I'm still the proud owner. I vote brown- those are pretty!

  13. Those are a friday favorite!
    I'd go brown... with one of those neck chains that librarians wear.


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