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Guest Blogger: BFF

I've been trying to talk my best friend Daria into starting her own blog because she frankly is the best story-teller I know and can drop the funniest one-liners without skipping a beat. So far, I haven't convinced her to start her own, but I did ask her if she wanted to be a guest blogger on my site and this showed up in my inbox last week. I promise I didn't pay her to write this.

Ok, so my best friend Wendy asked me to be a guest blogger on her ever-so popular blog. I feel special. Gosh darn it, she must like me. But then I thought - Oy vey the pressure. Who reads this blog? What can I do? I need to ROCK THIS! And I re-read her blog and look at her pictures on her blog. Man, those pictures. . . is it just me or does her camera take better pictures than National Geographic?

So when she asked I immediately thought of a million things I could vent about or share my thoughts on. Sports. Check. Shopping. Check. Exercise. Check. Hollywood celebrities. Check. It has all been done before and let me tell you, I could write for days on all of those topics. Sigh...But somewhere in the middle of the night - or maybe at 5 am when my husband wakes me up - it hit me. This is Wendy's blog....I should write about Wendy. Yes, she shares so much of herself in this forum, from specifics about her husband, son, family, yard and even shopping adventures. But she doesn't really tell you about who she is. She doesn't tell you that she is a great, loyal friend. She doesn't tell you how talented she is and that if given the opportunity, she'd outsell Martha Stewart. She doesn't tell you that she will tell you like it is whether you want to hear it or not. She doesn't tell you that if you are her friend or family member, she has got your back...and not like Jesse James had Sandra's.

I can tell you all of this because Wendy and I have been best friends since college. We first bonded over heartbreak, baked lays, diet mountain dew and sappy Sarah Mclachlan songs. Boys have come and gone and husbands have arrived (and thank God stayed). Through it all, I know that I could always count on Wendy. We've laughed together, we've cried together and now, we both have apparently blogged together.

So I guess the point of my first guest blog would be to value your friends, especially the ones that have been in your life for a while. True (girl)friends last forever and I am blessed that I found mine when I did....especially since I am only 24 years old (ha ha).


  1. So sweet!!! Wonderful guest post!!!

  2. Oh wow! What a great post! Sounds like you all are what BFF's are all about. I agree, Wendy, you take one heck of a picture. Hope your both having a great Tuesday! xoxo

  3. In regards to your comment on my post about Tobacco Road in Durham, get there EARLY to get a seat for any sporting event! :-)

  4. What a perfect guest post, you two are both so beautiful, this picture is gorgeous! You both need a framed copy ASAP!! I'm so glad you have each other :) xox

  5. What a great friend!! You can really tell the value of your friendship and how great of a friend you are, when someone does this for you! What a wonderful compliment!


  6. wendy, how lucky you are. you need to bring Daria to the beach.A

  7. Hey - who invited me to the beach?? I am game! Daria

  8. Wonderful guest post, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for letting me visit.

  9. yes, true girlfriends are hard to come by... I loved this guest post :)


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