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Stylist to the Stars

I love award season, yes I do. I felt like it was a holiday all Sunday afternoon because I was anticipating the Oscars Sunday night. I think I started watching the pre-show events around 5:00 and stayed up until the very last award had been handed out around midnight. It was really one of the more interesting Oscars I've seen lately. But enough about me, let's talk about the stars. I've taken the liberty yet again to give the stars a little of my Photoshop treatment, undoing what I perceive as fashion no-nos and showing how I would have done it had they asked me.

First up, SJP. I loved the color of the dress, typical SJP, vintage, yadda yadda. But get rid of the leash around your collar and let's take away the fake tan (which was a bit heavy around the face) and the look is much better.                                  
                                                 Before                                        After

Next up, Nicole Richie. I know she's all grown up now, but she doesn't need to look matronly just because she's a mommie. Add a little color to that drab frock and spice up the color on her face a bit and that chocolate bun atop her head starts to look much better, and the overall look is younger. Just shows how important color can be.
                                                  Before                                        After

And let's not forget sweet Charlize Theron, who rarely makes fashion mishaps. Loved the color, but what in the world was she thinking, adorning her ladybugs with big swirls of fabric? Reminds me of something Madonna wore during her Blond Ambition Tour. Just take them away, slap on a couple mill of diamonds, and you've got a sleek, sexy look.
                                                             Before                       After

Diane Kruger tends to be a bit bold in her fashion pics, and this one was interesting to say the least. Several fashionistas have referred to it as looking like "wet toilet paper".  I personally didn't love the halter part of it, and figure if you're gonna wear toilet paper, do it like this:

                                                 Before                                          After

And cute Carrie Mulligan, although I don't think I've ever seen your work, I do like like your style, kinda. The dress and shoes would have been great for the MTV awards, but a little too edgy for the Oscars.

                                                 Before                                          After

And I'll end off with my best dressed of the night. Loved Sandra Bullock - it was different for her, outside of her comfort zone, and I think it worked. I also loved the shot of Jesse James tearing up when she pointed at him during her speech. It was so sweet.

What do you think?


  1. I agree totally!! Glad you didn't photo shop Sandra...she looked amazing!

  2. You are a great stylist!! When my ship comes in, I'm going to offer you the job of keeping me current and stylish!! I thought SJP really looked aged, maybe too tanned and skinny is not a good look for her! I also loved Sandra's classic look! Had been waiting for your take on the fashions! Thanks for entertaining us!!

  3. Oh my goodness, fabulous! What a difference those made! Just loved the new looks!! ;)

  4. These stars should put you on their payroll. Your minor adjustments were brilliant! :) I agree with everything you said.

  5. Sandra Bullock, gorgeous!! I've never wanted to "look" like anyone else, just be a better me. But, with SB just a few months older than me and looking so much younger than me, well, all of a sudden ... Just the well-fit body please. I can make do with the rest. -- michele

  6. I love what you did!!!
    Those gals need to hire you!

  7. I love all of these edits, with the exception of Diane Kruger. I think that was just a poor choice for a dress.


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