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Life Without A Credit Card

There are some days I am really glad I no longer have credit cards, and there are some days I really wish I could whip one out and charge until the guilt sets in. When the Boden catalog comes, I definitely have mixed feelings.

*Now in US sizes! Love that because the UK sizes always seem to run small to me!



  1. Love Love Love the blue sweater...and the fact that I don't use credit cards either. You go girl!

  2. Oh yes, the love/hate relationship with the credit card. I can't wait to get rid of mine - again. Love the colors in your post!

  3. No CREDIT CARD?!??!?!?! EEEEKKKK!!!!

  4. Good for you not having a credit card! I always look through the Boden catalog, drool, and then realize I really don't "need" anything in there. Then I usually go to Target and find some suitable replacements for 1/4 of the cost! After all, half of the fun is just getting something new!

  5. Being CC Debt Free feels better than any new outfit! :)

    I still keep an emergency CC for smaller expenses, but not seeing those balances every month has been a relief for me too.

    And it's an accomplishment to be paid off too isnt it?

    (I saw on GMA the other morning, the average US family has $10k in CC debt. I almost fell off my chair.... :| be thankful!)

  6. I love Boden but haven't purchased anything from them. Good to know about the sizes. I recently ordered 2 dresses from Mod Cloth and I think they were meant to fit a barbie doll. TINY!

  7. I love Boden but haven't purchased anything from them. Good to know about the sizes. I recently ordered 2 dresses from Mod Cloth and I think they were meant to fit a barbie doll. TINY!

  8. Those items are adorable! LOVE that tote!

  9. Ooohh that dress is SO cute!!! I am a fellow North Carolinian and I love your blog!!! :)

    Also, I just started my own online reading group. So if you like to read or know anyone who does, please join me!!!

    A Southern Girl's Online Reading Group

  10. I ordered the blue and green dress last week and it hasn't arrived yet. I am thrilled they not only have US sizes, but also US sizes in TALL.

  11. I am crazy about that dress, but like you I no longer have a credit card--just too much temptation!

  12. I understand!! I am so tempted to shop all the time, thank goodness for no credit cards! I'd go crazy! But I'd have a great closet... ;)

  13. I too have a love hate (I am in the latter stage now) with CC. I hope I never use them again!

  14. You don't understand- I am obessed with Boden. No lie I just ordered 200+ worth of clothes for my 10 month old because they are so cute and stylish. Hubby probably won't like it too much but oh well! ha! Found your blog through another mom blogger and I just love it and your posts are so funny and witty. I just love it! Would love for you to come and visit me if you get the chance. I have a cooking blog with great recipes and I am also doing a Lisa Lenoard jewerly giveaway this week! come and enter!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue sweater - I don't charge it either, but some days I wish I did!!

    Sarah Ann

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